Crowley’s Landing ~ Absolutely Outstanding

Crowley’s Landing

~On the beautiful Mullica River in good ol’ South Jersey~

Crowleytown or Crowleyville(near Chatsworth) depending on who you ask!

It is better to have your head in the clouds, and know where you are… than to breathe the clearer atmosphere below them, and think that you are in paradise.

 -Henry David Thoreau

I’m not thinking I’m in paradise. This IS paradise.

Crowley’s Landing is one word INCREDIBLE. I accidentally stumbled upon this place. I love “accidents” in my explorations. They always seem to be the BEST places of discovery.

Crowley’s Landing is a foxy recreational area. It sits on the immaculate Mullica River. It offers a boat ramp, BBQ grills, and plenty of picnic tables for a lovely day by the river.


Picnic Area


Boats in the Mullica River

Crowley’s Landing is named for Samuel Crowley. He was born in 1788 (yup, old school). Owned over 400 piney acres and opened a glass works “factory” on the present site of Crowley’s Landing. Glass making was quite popular in the area due to the natural sandy soil of the Pine Barrens. Hint hint… you need sand to make glass. This site is rumored to be where the first Mason jar originated. People sometimes find jars that are over 150 years old in pristine condition here. Hey, American made to last, baby!


Sunset on the river


Boat ramp at Crowley’s Landing

The sand in the Piney land is from an ancient ocean that flowed through over millions of years ago. The Pine Barrens were once all underwater. The area is popular for sand-mining. NJ is one of the highest sand exporters in the country. Which is why you see a lot of these “Blue Holes” in the Pineys that I have talked about. They are mostly manmade lakes from old sand-mining companies. The turquoise color of the lakes are from the natural white sand, non-polluted water, and exquisite vegetation growing in the beautiful body of water.






The kid enjoying Crowley’s Landing

Crowley’s Landing is just absolutely outstanding with the water views. The serene surroundings. It is just very peaceful. My son and I loved watching the boats go up and down the Mullica River.

It is a great place to picnic and enjoy a splendid day with hardly anyone around.


Last shot of Mullica River Perfection

I am definitely returning here this spring, if not sooner for some more exploratory fun!

Yummygal is off to another fun adventure, my friends!

12 thoughts on “Crowley’s Landing ~ Absolutely Outstanding

  1. ALERT… Crowley’s Landing boat ramp is closed…!! The state of NJ has closed the ramp due to conditions of the ramp and safety concerns. There are limited locations in NJ to enjoy boating and the state has not taken care of our ramp. Is there a plan of action?

  2. I can agree that there is some beautiy in this place, but I find Crowley’s Landing to be less serene than you have described it, their is quite a lot of visitors especially in the summer months. Those who are like minded to me prefer the more serene places in the Pines, like Harrisville Lake, the Batsto river, and the Mullica I prefer is the one that is little more like a creek as it wanders through the Wharton State forest where one of its shores is a beautiful camp, and a rather large beaver pond. When I hear or think of “blue hole” when mentioned as an element of the Pine Barrens, my mind drifts toward the one of legend that is located within the Winslow Wildlife Refuge. Spooky place, even if you don’t believe in that type of paranormal vibe, which as a complete skeptic, I don’t but I can’t deny that vibe. If you like places in the Pines that don’t require the trek into the wilderness and like to have a few more people around. Lake Oswego is nice too!

    • Jason, I know what you mean and have featured a lot of other places on this site and will be doing more. Since last year, the boat ramp was closed it was a lot more peaceful here. I take my kid on all these hikes and to isolated places in the pines though. Lake Oswego is awesome. There’s some neat history behind it.theyonce wanted to build an International Airport that would be halfway from Philly to New York a few years ago. Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad to hear you enjoy the pines like I do.

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