Yummygal’s Fun Fact Friday

Yummygal’s Fun Fact Friday

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Most folks enjoy seeing manta rays out on the water. They are the equal in personality to dogs in the aquatic world. People like them because they are friendly and playful. However, most folks don’t know that by touching them (which is very common especially with tourists) that you are making them more susceptible to disease.


(The doggies of the sea world, the Manta Ray. Photo credit Photobucket.)

The Manta have a very delicate outer protective membrane on their skin. It aids in the protection against diseases and lesions of these beautiful big-brained fish creatures. By touching them even delicately, we make them more susceptible. Most folks don’t know this “fin”fact. Which is why I am putting it out there, Please be respectful of these guys if you are out on the water.

You can look, but please don’t touch. They are beautiful creatures.

The Coolest Festivals In The New Jersey Area~ That You MUST Visit. Plus, a big lip-smacking THANK YOU to my Intelligent, Fabulous Readers.

I ALWAYS update my page daily on happening things to do in the Delaware Valley for my viewing audience. FYI, kudos to all of you. Traffic to the site has been bonkers. An increase of 35% a month (and it’s in the thousands) so thank you. Thank you, very much (in my famous Elvis voice.) Again, I don’t get paid for this. It’s something I really LOVE to do….

Spread The Love.


My #1 co-pilot on all these great adventures. My son


I copied and pasted from my upcoming events page for your titillating enjoyment (I truly love that word, titillating…it’s such a funny word) on cool happening festivities. These aren’t just the lame events my friends. They are the CREME-DE-LE-CREME of festivities.

(Check daily for new upcoming events on my events page)

I Promise. I will do a Virgin Island page in the near future. I’m already working on it.


Revolutionary War Reenactment
August 11th-12th 2012
(Saturday and Sunday)

Washington Crossing State Park
355 Washington Crossing-Pennington Rd.
(Route 29)
Titusville, NJ
(NOT advertised on their website, FYI)
10am-4pm Both Days


Picture of the Delaware Canal which runs along Washington State Park

The largest reenactment in the state (and some say the best). Will be at this gorgeous 1,400 acre state park. It’s about a 30-35 minute ride from Philadelphia.

It’s free. Enjoy. You’re welcome.


Atlantic City’s “Thunder Over The Boardwalk”
Anywhere on the boardwalk or beach
August 17th 10:30 AM


Air Victory Bad Ass military jet

Awesome Air Show. And Free. Makes it even more awesome.

Saint Michael’s Mutual Club
77th Annual Celebration
August 16th, 17th & 18th
Intersection of Giammarino & Memorial Ave.
Gibbstown, NJ

Featuring the “Famous Porkette Sandwich”.


Lunch starts at 11am
D.J. In the lounge at 7pm


Lunch 11am featuring porkette, roast beef, sausage & peppers, meatball subs, pasta fagioli.

It’s an Italian lovers paradise.


My kind of meal ūüôā This is the “Sunday Gravy” at That’s Amore in Collingswood.

Live Band starts at 6pm.

Dinner at 6pm. Featuring seafood, chicken fingers, hot dogs, fries, ice cream, water ice and a beer garden.


All of the above same times!!

Also making an appearance…the South Pacific Island Dancers.
Oooooh Laaaa Laaaa.


New Jersey Wild Outdoor Expo
September 15th & 16th
Jackson Township, NJ
10AM-5PM daily


Sea Breeze, NJ…the wild

Explore and experience the great outdoors! There will be hunting/trapping Instruction, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Camping, Fish & Wildlife Exhibits and an outdoor supply flea market.


Waterfront Wine & Food Festival
October 20th-21st 2012 (Sat & Sun)
Lake Lenape Park
Mays Landing, NJ
12PM-5PM both days


NJ Vineyard


Wine… A plus.
Food… A plus.
Festival…Love them.

Here’s a celebration of our dearest wineries in New Jersey.

Tomasello, Renault, Amalthea Cellars, Auburn Road, and many other wineries will be featured.

It’s the premiere wine festival of the year.

Great food, pastries, wine tasting, and live entertainment among the activities to enjoy.

If you pre purchase tickets, they are much cheaper. (You can order online)
$17 single ticket/$25 per couple

Or purchase on premises
$20 single ticket/$30 per couple

Get out there kiddos and enjoy the best in our area.

Just don’t drink and drive or party too much like a rock star.

Congratulations to the Town of Hammonton

I want to thank the town of Hammonton, NJ. and it’s people for putting on two great festivals back to back this year!!

Sign of the “Blueberry Capital of the World”!

The “blueberry” capital of the world, put on an excellent festival of blueberries.¬† It was pushing 100 degrees out that day, however, it didn’t keep the people away. It was a fabulous turn-out!¬† I purchased a¬†homemade blueberry pie which was delicious and many other unique items and crafts.

The Hammonton Blueberry Festival

Also, almost a week after, the longest running Italian festival in the country. Including,¬†a week full of entertainment.¬†This was a real treat! The sausage and peppers and wine from Tomasello’s¬†winery were¬†awesome.

Italian Festival, Hammonton, NJ.

The Italian Festival wasn’t as hot because it was during the night. There were blocks and blocks full of entertainment, food, amusements, and best of all… A beer garden.

Thanks again, Hammonton. I will see you next year!

Secret Beaches of NJ

Secret Beaches of NJ

I have done A LOT of traveling this weekend and found a few more (Secret Beaches) here in NJ that you may have never heard of. Will post in a few days. However, these beaches will most likely be vacant for your summer adventure or just a handful of people :).


Camp Crockett~ Salem County, New Jersey


Check back by the end of this week!

The Italian Festival Hammonton NJ top Places to do in the Philly Area before you die

The Italian Festival Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Hammonton, NJ.

This is a top thing to do in the Philly Area before you die.

The Italian festival in Hammonton is the longest running Italian festival in the United States.


Hammonton Italian Festival


It is in it’s 137th year running and started in 1875.

It is a Hammonton tradition.

Man oh man do they put on a great festival.

The festival begins July 11th-16th with fireworks on the last day (the 16th)

Live and FREE entertainment on all running days. Showcasing bands to DJs.

Amusement Rides, Concessions, Italian marching bands, a beer garden, and Italian gardens.

It is blocks and blocks full of fun and entertainment.

A great way to celebrate the middle of the summer with great Italian goodies.


last year’s flyer

Check out the our lady of Mt. Carmel site for more details. It is awesome.

Yuengling Beer Tour Top Things to Do in the Philly Area Before You Die



Yuengling Factory Tour
Pottsville, PA

Top Things To Do in the Philly Area before you die.

Visit the oldest brewery in America since 1829.


Courtesy of Yuengling


Which is family owned and operated by the great-great-grandson, Dick Yuengling, Jr.

First things first, who the heck doesn’t like Yuengling beer?

It is my favorite go to beer. Above all other beers on the market.

The tour is really neat. They show you the hand dug fermentation caves that they used prior to refrigeration.

They will talk about their ingenious beer history. Show you how they make their beer, and best of all….

You will get to sample their decadent delicious cold beer at the end of the tour.


Courtesy of my fridge


Check with Yuengling’s website on exact times and tour dates.

Getting here: Take I-476N to Pottsville (a little outside Allentown)

Have fun on the tour.


Courtesy of Yuengling