Island Beach State Park-Top places to see in the Philly Area before you die


Island Beach State Park Ocean County, NJ

Top Places to see in the Philly Area before you die.


Rustic NJ beauty/ Island Beach State Park


This state park is located on the Barnegat Peninsula in good ol’ Jersey.

Admission is $6 for NJ residents and $12 for out of state residents.

This park is undisturbed by development and is a natural beauty.

It is a natural barrier reef that protects our state.





Island Beach State Park… Bark Bark, baby!

It encompasses over 1600 acres of preserved forests, marshes, ponds, and open water and is a home to a lot of wildlife animals. Including ospreys, blue crabs, and foxes.

Kayaking, horseback riding, swimming, hiking trails, and fishing are among the great offerings here.

It has pristine untouched white beaches and the beautiful water is gorgeous.

It shows the times prior to the typical Jersey Shore of boardwalks and casinos set amongst the true natural beauty of what our shore and beaches once were.

Enjoy this untouched beauty of our Garden State.

Hopefully, it will remain one of our great treasures for a long time.