99 Steps, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

99 Steps
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

I got 99 problems, but a blue bitch ain’t one. (as sung by the Infamous Jay-Z)

The 99 stairs in St. Thomas were built by the Danes.

It is actually 103 stairs (guess they weren’t too smart back then).


99 Stairs St. Thomas

Built in the 1700s.

They thought it was a bright idea to put stairs on the island to make it easier to navigate.

Way to go smarty engineers.

It’s the Dane’s equivalent to our Rocky at the steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum.

A little bit of history still alive in St. Thomas.

Also, if you didn’t know….blue bitch is the virgin islands’ native stone. Derived of volcanic origin.

Did a lightbulb just go off?

Hopefully, you learned something new today.

Water Island, Virgin Islands

Water Island, Virgin Islands

If vacationing in St. Thomas or St. John, a nice relaxing day awaits you on water island.

A short ferry ride will transport you over to this little island gem. Explore.

A beautiful beach named, honeymoon beach, has white sands, clear blue waters.

The beach never gets packed so will be really laid back and away from it all. This is a beach you won’t forget. Trust me.


Water Island

Getting off the plane in St. Thomas

Getting off the plane in St. Thomas

A lot of people are a bit shocked in how they exit off the plane.

Like most tropical places, they do not have the typical “jet bridge” that connects you to the terminal (the little tunnel you are use to walking through).

Nope, they pull up these stairs on wheels to the entrance of the plane (if lucky will open 2 doors) and you have to walk down the stairs onto the runway lugging your carry-on with you.


Getting off the plane in St. Thomas



Now, you are on the runway after you come down the stairs. They will escort you towards the front where the luggage pick up is. (outdoors). You will most likely be greeted with Cruzan Rum shots (made in the virgin islands) kick back as many as you want (they encourage you). The airport is a typical “outdoor lanai” style. Pretty basic with a few shops and rental car agencies.

The return home is pretty much the same. If hungry, there’s only one place to eat in the whole airport serving up mostly Caribbean grub. You wait at your terminal, when called same thing, climbing up the stars into the plane.

I have always been curious in what they do for those who are handicapped. Do they pull open the slide and have them slide down upon their arrival? Just a thought… Hmmmmm

And when departing, do they mysteriously take them in their wheel chair to the edge of the runway and dump them in the sea? We will never know.

Almost PRIVATE beaches of St. Thomas

Secret Beaches of St. Thomas

Here’s a little secret to St. Thomas.
There are these great off the beaten path beaches. If you are looking for the ultimate in relaxation and not wanting to be around a lot of people….

Then most likely you will be on the beach all by your bad self.

Then Check These Beaches Out….

Grand Beach
On route 38 near coral world
Not Coki beach, but near it

Bluebeard’s Beach
Located near the Ritz Carlton

Limetree Beach
Located at bluebeard’s beach club (was my first beach that I ever laid eyes on in St. Thomas). Venture over to the right of the beach. Amongst the rocks are sea urchins, sea snails, and small clams, kids will love it. A small poolside bar is here. So you can get a fresh cocktail in hand and enjoy the beach all by yourself.

Dorothea Bay Beach
A little past hull bay, extremely private, small beach

Little Magens Bay Beach
A pocket beach of Magens bay, but save on the admission price. Enjoy the beauty,seclusion, and the pristine waters


Secret Magens Bay Beach


These are the the beaches in St. Thomas that won’t have a crowd and you will most likely have these beaches all to yourself!

Enjoy, as I have!

Shipwreck Tavern, St. Thomas

Shipwreck Tavern, St. Thomas

Across from Havensight Shopping Center is this restaurant/pub/saloon/casino.

Yes a mecca of all things.

If you want to stop and do a little gambling and have a drink, grab a quick bite, and stay in the air conditioner a good place to visit.

They have a few slot machines where you can play, chill out, win some money, have a beer, have 2 or 6, grab some lunch to soak up that alcohol.

Not a bad way to break up the day.


Outside of Shipwreck Tavern


Hey, plus shopping gets a little tiring, or may want to put back a few because of all the money that just drained from your wallet.

Either way, not a bad place to just hang out after a long exhausting hot day.

Just watch out for the pirates that like to scare you while you are going to the bathroom. You may wind up with an “eye patch” of some sort.


St. Thomas vs. St. John a never winning battle



St. Thomas vs. St. John

Wow, this question is asked a lot!

Which is better St. Thomas or St. John? Both are fabulous.

The answer is, well what are you looking for?


Picture of ferry between St. Thomas/St. John


St. Thomas is a bigger populated island because of this there is an extensive nightlife, lots of shopping, more restaurants.

St. John is mostly a national park, so you experience that true whisked away tropical vacation, nightlife is more laid back, the beaches are less populated, (since the total population of the island is about 4,000 people). It’s more of a sort of get away from it all and enjoy the beautiful scenery sort of place. St. john is renting a villa for a week and just totally vegging out. There’s still shopping, but not as extensive as St. Thomas.



Trunk Bay, St. John


Now back to St. Thomas, if you like to see and do lots of things then it is the place for you. Plus, you can always take a day trip over to St. john via the passenger ferry or take your rental (ask permission from agency first) for the day.


Magens Bay, St. Thomas

If you have never been to the virgin islands before, St. Thomas is the best to start with. (My first was St. Croix). Then you will fall in love with the big beautiful island and never ever want to leave. Probably your husband or wife will have to drag you screaming onto the plane to fly back to the mainland.(happens with me every time).




St. Thomas crime, gimme a break


I think I will slap someone again or multiple times if I hear one more time.

Is St. Thomas safe?

Yessssssssssssssssssss….. It is for the gazillionth millionth time. Yes, very safe.


Overlooking Magens Bay via Peterborg Estates


A few years ago, there was an unfortunate event that occurred. Cruise ships had come in for the day. The beaches were packed. On Coki beach, a young girl lost her life from a stray bullet. She was on a vacation cruise with her family. Very sad. However, People have been freaked out to vacation here ever since.

I’m telling you St. Thomas is safer than any other island I have been to. There are more murders and crimes on all the other Caribbean islands. You are safe here. They have shut down Coki beach, where the incident occurred.

The island after all is part of America, there is crime and exists everywhere. However, I can guarantee that it is safer than your own neighborhood.

A lot of Caribbean islands and even Mexico, if you are to travel, it isn’t very safe to venture outside of the resort. Not safe at all. I have been to Jamaica, Punta Cana, Cancun, and was pretty much limited to staying at the resort and not speaking the native language which are disadvantages.


Peterborg Estate View


In St. Thomas, you are free to explore the beautiful island, you speak the language, it has kmarts, a home depot for goodness sake.You don’t have to look over your shoulder (of course still be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are). It is safer to go travel here than any other non-American island (please do due diligence of looking at crime statistics on your research).

In vacationing in St. John, it is a very “sleepy” island. More expensive, but more laid back and less populated and crime is pretty much non-existent. Well, having only 4,000 year round residents will do that.

St. Thomas is the most populated of all the 3 virgin islands (even though St. Croix is larger in land). However, the most things to do here. Nightlife, beaches, shopping, it’s endless.

The accident was simply that an accident. It is sad that someone lost their life that day. However, turn on the news in your general area and I am sure you will hear of someone’s death caused by another. If you live in the Philadelphia region, like myself, it averages at least 3 a day at this point.

As an American, I’d rather be safe around other fellow Americans. The islanders are so very friendly. More friendly than I experience in my own town. I feel safe. I am a woman. I have been everywhere on the island, even the not so nice areas in the inner island and never felt unsafe. They deserve our American dollar than going to Punta Cana.

However, like most vacationers you will be situated in your beautiful villa or resort, and will be completely 100% safe, enjoying paradise.

Come visit. If you are anything like me. You will be happily sucked into visiting at least on a yearly basis.


Trunk Bay, St. John

Trunk Bay, St. John USVI

A day trip is always fun if you are staying in St. Thomas. Grab your rental, hop on the ferry at red hook and paradise awaits you! Of any of the beaches to decide from, the one that always stands out, is infamous Trunk Bay.


Sign to Trunk Bay, St. John USVI


A non-busy day.

This is one of the most popular beaches. It resides in the national park. There is also an “entrance fee” to enjoy this beach.


People snorkeling the underwater trail of Trunk Cay

It is also a great snorkel location for beginners as it has a snorkel trail that you can follow. Equipment is available for rent onsite. There is also a nice little snack stand that will not break the bank.


Great picnic areas



If you are lucky, you may see some donkeys, and the various bird species mingling amongst us humans.


Life is sweet.


Paradise+Perfection= Awesome

The water color is surreal. True turquoise at it’s best. You could erupt in happiness and true bliss here. From the calm sounds of the waves, to the gentle breezes, you will feel like you have just died and gone to heaven. You may want to pinch yourself once or twice.


Just look at the water!

Great for families, singles, old folks, anyone actually. Great parking and a must to see before you die.