Camp Crockett County Park~Pilesgrove, NJ Top things to See in the Philadelphia Area Before you die.

Camp Crockett County Park

Avis Mill Road
Pilesgrove, NJ



Top places to see in the Philadelphia Area before you Die.


Camp Crockett County Park Sign


I have had the nature bug come alive like a wildfire inside of me recently. Ever since I got back from St. John, I have been looking for more of an adventure here in our backyard of things to do in our Philadelphia Area.

Over the last few weeks, I have genuinely fallen in love with New Jersey. I have 60+ articles already finished that have not aired yet.

I have interviewed folks from all over the area and really can’t wait to share these magical places with all of you!

I came across Camp Crockett on a wildlife site.

There weren’t many pictures or much information about this place that I could find, but it seemed like a cool place I would enjoy.

And enjoy I did my friends.

The adventure in getting here is just as enjoyable as the park.


Salem County’s fine country roads!

The wide open road, the lush greenery, and country air of what makes my state, New Jersey, the Garden State awesome.

It’s breathtaking.


Another shot, like my inspection sticker falling off?

I ventured out on a very hot day. It got up to 98 degrees. However, it wasn’t stopping me.

In getting here, it takes you into the quaint little town of Woodstown then past a few antique stores and more farms with crops awaiting harvesting.

You will then turn down the main road and see all the beautiful horse farms and cattle.


See, New Jersey, not what you expected, eh?

Once you go down the road, you will hit Avis Mill Rd. Make a left. You will go over a bridge like this.


Picture of the gorgeous lake

Shortly after the bridge, you will see open gates to your left. It comes up on you quickly.

Now, it is closed from November to April from what I have read. If you desire to go during these times, they said you can call the township about an hour or 2 ahead of the time of your expected arrival and they will open the gates for you.

Pretty swell, eh?

You’ll go down a short driveway to this parking lot.


Isn’t this too darn cute?

I was the ONLY person here. It was completely dead. I don’t think many people know about this spot or often venture here. Which was fine with me.

I walked around the grounds. Checking it out. It was private for my taking and took the beauty in.


Camp Crockett pavillion

There is a nice sheltered picnic area, a large open field perfect for picnics, a small play park, and a basketball court.

Apparently, this was a girl scout/boy scout camp in the 1990’s that got transferred over to Salem County. I’m not sure of it’s history as I’ve heard conflicting reports with the local residents.

I had read on a nature site to follow the path leading to the woods. In which I did.


Basketball court leading to forest

Shortly down the trail it takes you to a circular pathway. Walk towards the center and you will see the stream it mentions in the nature blogs.


picture of the stream


Pretty Pretty Stream. Pretty Pretty Stream.


Nature baby.

A shot I took with my phone. Pretty, eh?

There seems to be a nice little trail, but the incline was too much… I had a 11 month old baby with me and would have been difficult to maneuver and get down the small ravine.

We then ventured over to the lake. It Is beautiful.


Get your Canoe/Kayak on

Woods clearing to the lake.


Camp Crockett Lake

Canoeing and Kayaking are permitted here. It’s probably the best way to see the area and to discover the vast inlets they have here at Camp Crockett.



Another shot.


Lush Greenery

If you look closely a Heron came out to say, “hi” to me, below.


Hello, there, Mr. Crane.

Camp Crockett is definitely a place to check out that not many people have heard about in South Jersey.

It is worth coming on a gorgeous day, kayaking, having a picnic lunch, or letting the kids play in the park.


Camp Crockett.. Davy was not here, fyi.

Enjoy Camp Crockett, my friends.