A little bit of Runnemede, Deptford, and Glendora… a little bit of cookie jar rock ‘n’ roll (with milk).

Hi There! It’s been awhile since we have posted anything. Life happens. I had one kid and then another and then we moved… and I took some time off to be present with them! However, THERE IS SO MUCH I have never posted. I do have two more blogs scheduled to post here, that you’ll see in the upcoming next few weeks.. Which I think you may enjoy! I still do get out a lot and explore and I plan to post here from time to time… with some new material. I miss sharing the love of my home state.

For this first blog round… I am going to post mostly pictures of some local travels to check out. There’s a ton of information online for these sites.  However, if making a little trip out to Deptford for some shopping and dining.. these are some neat little “attractions” stops/along the way.

If you ever get to visit the Runnemede, Deptford, Glendora area.. check out these little gems. The tree below, is located at the back of a fine Walmart store in Deptford.

First stop on this adventure… The good ol’ Clement Oak. She’s a local legend. Jonas Cattell may have passed her by on his way home from when he worked in Haddonfield.. as he lived in the area and spent a lot of time hunting all around South Jersey.   It is believed to be around 500 years old. It is considered the site of the first air flight/landing in the new world by Jean Pierre Blanchard coming from Philly.  The Lenni-Lenape are believed to have used this spot as a meeting place. Not sure how long she’ll be around. These guys are starting to become a rarity in New Jersey.

Clement Oak in Deptford NJ

clementoakdaveisirishhill 011

There she grows.

A great wonder of architecture in the area, is the famous “Cookie Jar” House on Rowand Avenue in Glendora. I wrote about it before and have been able a capture all four sessions. With this one taken in spring. John Dobbins’ (former owner) cozy three-story home was built in 1949 and meant to be the first in a series of similar houses.

The other cookie jar houses were never built, but this one still stands, with a spiral staircase at the center of the house. The jar’s “lid” functions as a widow’s walk. The unique house is said to be the only cookie jar house in the U.S., and perhaps that’s no wonder: Dobbins has admitted to having difficulty furnishing the cornerless house when he purchased it. He has since sold the famous cookie jar house.

One of a kind. Most definitely.  I sit outside… I guess am a cookie jar stalker. I bring some milk.. some cookies… and I sprinkle it around the property… hey cookie jar… needs some cookies.. am I right?

glendora nj cookie jar house

the cookie jar house in glendora nj

Next on the list and not too far away, is the Gabriel Daveis Tavern. Located at 500 3rd Avenue  in Glendora. Great little spot of history. Beautiful scenic wooded setting and a few trails near the old historic tavern. Check it out! Some ghost stories out there… BOOOOO.

Last but not least, good old Irish Hill.. with some great views of Philly. Give this place a google as there is a lot of interesting history in regards to it. I love it for its view, in the South Jersey landscape, as we don’t have many spots where we can be high above and see our majestic”brotherly” city. It’s located off of Irish Hill Road in Runnemede.

The story goes that one side of the hill was dug out for the highway being built. You’ll see that half of it is gone, once you reach the top and barriers block you from going over. Would be a nice fall. TIMMMBER…

clementoakdaveisirishhill 073

Fantastic view at Irish Hill. Zoomed in.. See below for real distance photo.

clementoakdaveisirishhill 063

I bet this would look awesome at night!

clementoakdaveisirishhill 075

If you climb over this.. you’ll be dead.

I just saw this in my email.. it looks like in Jonas Cattell’s old stomping grounds and near where he lived! A nice little museum of American History..  in Deptford! I have to go and check this out!

MAHDNJ Grand Opening Flyer 2017

Get on out there and explore! I hope to be back soon and post more unique travels!

Happy Exploring, my friends! The Yummygal

10 thoughts on “A little bit of Runnemede, Deptford, and Glendora… a little bit of cookie jar rock ‘n’ roll (with milk).

  1. Gosh, it’s been a while. Often wondered that happened to you. Life changes for all of us. After 8 years of full time traveling in an RV, we settled in north Alabama a little over a year ago. But … South Jersey will always be “home”.

  2. Hello Yummygal,
    Welcome back!!!! I have missed you too!!!! It was great reading all your adventures and also giving us a chance to explore something new in our area, so truly welcome back!!!!

  3. HiYummygal!Dont forget Glendora houses the oldest house in Gloucester Twp! It is located on the Black Horse Pike, near Station Avenue 😀

  4. What became of Sweet Potato Hill???Lived on Woodland ave.as a kid …went to H.B. Wilson Public school then to Hatch Jr. High and on to Camden high school Then after marrying and moving from Glouces ter city to 2311 south eighth street across the street from Presbyterian church where my husband of 67 yrs.and I were married…

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