Waterlemon & Leinster Bay

Waterlemon & Leinster Bay, St. John USVI

All I have to say is, “WOW.” I think Waterlemon Bay is the BEST beach in St. John. That’s a tough act to follow considering all the gorgeous beaches of my beloved island.

Now, it’s a bit of a hike. I would say about a 1/2 mile. It starts at Leinster Bay. There is limited parking and it fills up very quickly. The best time to come is first thing in the morning to avoid any crowd and to get yourself a nice little parking spot.


Start of trail, overlooking Leinster Bay

The hike and views are just captivating. Numerous Cacti and native plants surround the trail with the gorgeous view of Tortola and the Sir Francis Drake Channel off on the horizon. It’s also an easy hike. There are not many inclines or declines. The distance walking here is definitely well worth it. You can trust me, my friends. I will NEVER steer you wrong.

Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes because the trail is a bit rocky, but maintained pretty well by the National Park.


Beautiful cactus lining the hiking tail


Another view of the water and the Sir Francis Drake Channel

As you continue along your journey, just take a deep breath and capture all the beauty that is around you. Leinster bay meeting Waterlemon, ahhhhhhhhh.


Portion of the trail along your path

Eventually. You will end up at this gorgeous beauty of Waterlemon. Find yourself a nice little spot, sit down, mellow out, and take it all in. Hope you didn’t forget your snorkel gear. The snorkeling is


View of beach

I love this beach because it has such a natural feel.
There is hardly anyone around (if you get here early enough) and it feels totally untouched by humans.


Shot of the beach with Waterlemon Cay off to the right, the Cay offers the best snorkeling

The beach is a little rocky, however the water is turquoise, calm, and clear. It’s nestled around my favorite friends the mangroves.


Leinster Bay

Look at how clear the water is here!


Waterlemon wonderful!

It was the best snorkeling of our trip! With a few baby sea turtles in the mix and gorgeous fish.

If you are looking for an untouched natural beauty beach and don’t mind a bit of a walk, this is well worth it.

My favorite of all the beloved St. John beaches!



A true gem of St. John