Padre Pio Shrine- Landisville, NJ

For a long time I have heard about this site on Rt. 40, so it was time to pay it a visit.  What is a better time than to visit at night? Yup, I wanted the full experience. It was dark, the lights were on and music was playing… No one was around. There was even a gift shop that said it was open.

This is an outdoor shrine made for the Pio of Pietrelcina aka Padre Pio who was born in southern Italy. Padre Pio went to train with the priesthood at a very young age, as young as fifteen years old, some records state.  When he was 17, he became very ill, his prayers would be trance-like and priests would claim that they could hear him roaring and screaming in his room at night.  One even claimed to have seem him levitate.

As he got older, his health worsened at he started showing signs of the Stigmata. To put it simply, Stigmata are the markings found on the body resembling wounds from the crucifixion of Christ which Christians believe is a symbol of holiness. Many people who were canonized into Sainthood were also known to have similar markings (St. Francis Assisi). Physicians would study him and could not come up with a reasonable answer to why he had these markings. Padre Pio is reported to have had the power to heal others and could bilocate, appearing in two different places at the same time.


The Padre Pio Shrine.

Also, some unworldly accounts are that of Padre Pio’s death.  His lifeless body appeared unwounded, with no sign of scarring or any injuries. His body was flawless as if these occurrences/wounds never happened. There was a report that doctors who examined his body found it empty of all his blood.  He was a very devout Christian and meditator of prayer and is famous for saying, “Unite yourself to my prayers.” Pope John Paul II canonized him in 2002.


Up close with the shrine.


Unfortunately, the gift shop was not open.

Italian-American farmers from Buena came up with the idea and collaborated with local architect, Ron Angelo.  Funds were raised to buy a few acres and the rest is history. The site was completed in 2002.  Since it’s opening, people have said they have been a witness to miracles occurring with folks who pray here. One report is that someone was cured of cancer and another, a brain tumor. Members of the site are  raising funds to eventually build a church on this property.

It’s another intriguing site here in South Jersey that makes us special…


Until our next adventure, my friends!

The Yummygal

12 thoughts on “Padre Pio Shrine- Landisville, NJ

  1. YummyGal,

    Myself and my family have been here to Saint Padre Pio’s shrine. It is a place to go and pay homage to him, and sign the guess book if you like. There are benches for resting while your there.I believe the land was donated for his shrine so that is why it is not right next to the church. Close by is a church that has a Grotto and has a prayer possession each year carrying his statue around the church grounds. Then a special mass is said following the possession with the gloves he wore on display in a glass case. Also after the mass, they have a Feast with all kinds of foods that are prepared.People attend from all over, even from Philadelphia and Italy.I honestly can say that I do believe Saint Padre Pio healed my brother who was in ICU for 45 days. I prayed to Saint Padre Pio every day to save my brother who was not expected to live and my brother lived, it was a miracle the doctors said ! Saint Padre Pio is truly a Saint ❤

  2. I think you should visit the shrine again on a sunny day. I think it will seem very different. I’m a Catholic and the things you wrote don’t seem so bizarre.

  3. I am loving your posts more and more each time you write a new one! I guess mainly because the last 4 or 5 that you wrote were things either close to my house or things that I have seen many times before in passing. Its so nice to actually gain some knowledge about these places rather than pass right by them. I need to take a page from your book and learn to stop and smell the roses once in a while. I drove my wife to work Saturday night and I passed by the fire tower on Route 73 as well as those colorful statues on the front lawn of the house on Rt. 54. My wife would pass by the Padre Pio statue on her way to work in Vineland every day when she lived in Franklinville.

  4. I think what I was must perturbed about was the gift shop. From an outsider looking in, by having that gift shop there it defeats the purpose on what the shrine is suppose to be all about. I can understand giving donations etc, but a gift shop? It’s more like someone is trying to profit off of the shrine, take away from its meaning and make it a tourist destination in my eyes.

  5. Until the second or third Wednesday in May, the Rosary, Confessions and Padre Pio Devotions, including veneration of his relic, are held in Our Lady of Victories Church nearby. The gift shop is a normal thing. People travel great distances and if they want to purchase a new Rosary, a devotional book or other Sacramental, they can be purchased very inexpensively there. It is not a money-maker, it is a service. A priest will bless all items while they are visiting.

  6. It was not unusual for men to begin training for the priesthood at a young age back then. It was like teenagers attending a military prep school before they went to West Point. Padre Pio was a member of the Franciscans and lived in a monastery. For most of his life he was forbidden to write books and to say Mass publicly. He was required to wear gloves except when saying Mass. There was a great deal of suspicion in the church that his stigmata was self inflected but the patience and humility that he lived by while he was under such a cloud eventually convinced the Church of his holiness and led to his eventual canonization.

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