Fortescue Beach, NJ ~ A Beach Not Many Know Of…

Fortescue Beach

Cumberland County
Fortescue, NJ

Top things to see in the Philadelphia Area before you die.

I told you I would be featuring “secret beaches” and here is my first. The second beach is even more private and will feature in another week.


Just hop over the metal divider to your own “semi-private” oasis.

Fortescue Beach is a great get away from it all natural beauty beach. The town’s population is 400 and is the “weakfish capital of the world” a great little fishing spot.

I came here on a whim with my mom and son. I have been checking out google earth and mapping out possible unique beach locations and doing research on cool places to see in NJ. I also had heard there was a beach here, but couldn’t find much information about it. All I saw online was that it’s just a small fishing village with a very small beach.


Gorgeous pristine Delaware Bay

The trip in getting here is very scenic with marshlands and the New Jersey countryside of farms growing produce and livestock.

We arrived by going down Downe Street and then making a left at the stop. If you turn right takes you out to a small marina.

The beach wasn’t small at all. Perhaps a half mile long. With expansive views of the Delaware Bay. It is gorgeous.

Fortescue is a stomping ground in the spring for thousands of migratory birds from South America heading to the Arctic.


Shot of the long beach

The beach is very natural. Clear waters (not like the Caribbean, but clear for Jersey).

A great spot for families. NO CROWDS… A plus in the summer months. We came here on a Saturday midday.

It’s nature at it’s best. Home to sandpipers, plovers, eagles, monarch butterflies, and horseshoe crabs.

It’s off the beaten path and no facilities around so pack accordingly.


A picture of the water

There’s a little B&B called the Charlesworth Inn, nestled right on the beach and has gotten high reviews over the years (perfect for couples).


A wedding taking place on the one end of the beach at Fortescue

There is also a great party boat that goes out daily called, The Bonanza II. It offers folks fishing enjoyment along the Delaware Bay area. Usual sailing times are daily from 7:30-3.

Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the natural beauty of the calm bay.


My son enjoying Fortescue Beach

This beach is a get away from the summer shore crowd kind of spot.

Check it out it is gorgeous. The best time to come is near sunset as the sun disappears over the bay.


another gorgeous shot

NJ beauty at best.

Getting here. Route 55S. To exit 27 towards Millville.
Merge onto 2nd St. Make right onto County Road. (East Main Street)
left onto Cedar St. Continue onto Cedarville Rd (County Rd. 310)
Slight Left onto County Rd. (629)
Then Left onto Cedarville-Newport Rd (Main Street)
Make right onto Baptist Rd. (656)
Then make 2nd Left onto Fortescue Rd (637)
It then turns into Downe Ave, which will take you to the beach

Going home, take the Bridgeton Pike. A fabulous ride back home.

My only recommendation:

Bring the bug-spray as green heads can come at you on a non-windy day.

Other than that, the beach is fabulous and very tranquil and you will enjoy your day here.


Enjoy a day at Fortescue

Update: New Restaurant at Fortescue called the Fortescue Grill. Open for lunch and dinner on weekends.


Please welcome this new restaurant to the community.

Shipwreck Landing, St. John USVI just Coral Bay DeLicious!

Shipwreck Landing is Coral Bay Banging!

St. John USVI
Route 107

I love Shipwreck Landing. Just the drive getting here is just gorgeous along the south shores of St. John. It’s pristine untouched beauty. Absolutely stunning!

Well, I love this restaurant. This was probably the BEST meal I had on the island.

A great casual place with top-notch ingredients and a gorgeous view. Who could ask for anything more?


The view at Shipwreck, gorgeous!

There’s also a house kitty cat. Don’t be frightened she’s been here since the 90s and is a sweetie. She may brush up on your leg as you are eating, but is harmless.

The gazpacho is to die for. Just enough spice and so refreshing after a nice long beach hopping day!

There are always specials from chef Jim. Like him on Facebook my friends for the daily offerings.

I had this pasta dish with elbow macaroni with cheddar cheese and beef. Holy cow. Was something different then what we even have back at home.

Huge portions, great atmosphere. Well priced food and a great selection of drinks. This is a definite place I will be going to for years to come.

This was my BEST meal on the island. Which is pretty tough considering the food is good!


Another gorgeous shot of the Shipwreck Landing view

Thanks Chef Jim. For your hard work.

The service is friendly and excellent.

Folks, put this on your list for restaurants to eat at in St. John. You won’t be disappointed!

The Mangroves essential to the Virgin Islands

The Mangroves of
St. John and the Caribbean


They are the mighty mighty mangroves, my friends!


Mangroves at Brown Bay

I talk about these bad boys a lot. These guys are really special. Now, not sure if you ever noticed the stinky donkey dip in Coral Bay, St. John. It isn’t because of the trash bins my friends. The smell that smells like a rotten egg are actually from these Mangroves.


Mangroves at Maho Bay

Now, these guys are extremely essential to our planet. They clean up the pollution that runs off and that often goes into these beautiful waters. Without these the water would be extremely polluted.

And they are disappearing. Fast.


Mangroves at Leinster Bay

The awful odor is from the bacteria that these folks have living on them and is part of the process of sucking up the pollution.

These are awesome plants. They adapt to salinity, coastal flooding, and are extremely diverse, yet very fragile.

So when you smell something funky, you know they are actually doing their job. With more and more folks frequenting the Caribbean these guys are becoming more and more essential to the general landscape.

They also provide shelter and food for various wildlife.


Francis Bay mangroves

They are also an aid to prevent beach erosion. It’s deep seeded roots help in keeping the sand from washing away out to the ocean.

Respect these beauties my friend. They are truly something special.

Marrakesh, Philadelphia, Pa~ Top things to do in the Philadelphia Area before you die



Marrakesh East Coast Restaurant

517 South Leithgow Street Philadelphia, Pa

(Park on South Street, hint hint)

Top things to do in the Philadelphia Area before you die:

Ahhhh Marrakesh, this restaurant has been here for decades. Famous people, politicians, and us ordinary folks have enjoyed this place.


Photo Courtesy of Photobucket


It is down a little alleyway. Right off of South Street. It is hard to find because it is nestled amongst residential rowhomes.

You finally stumble upon it. Prepare to be taken away to Morocco. This is no fancy smancy hip restaurant like Buddakan or Morimoto. No, this is a true “authentic” Moroccan experience. With….here we go… The gasps! NO UTENSILS. Yup, you eat with your little hand grubbers.

Now, don’t be scared. It does look like a bit of a dive, but what awaits you is AMAZING.


Photo Courtesy of Photobucket


They’ll sit you in a room perhaps with other folks. They wash your hands after every course with rose water.. See some hygiene here, lol.

What awaits you is a great dining experience you will never forget. With abundant courses. At least 6 courses from what I remember. I was here in 2010. The honey lamb is to freaking die for. Huge portions and ever so delicious food. Plus, the belly dancers for entertainment… Freaking fantastic.

There is a reason why this place has been here for decades. Us Philly folks love our food. We love our Marrakesh.

It’s a great place for birthdays, something new, a date, neat atmosphere. Definitely something different.

Sometimes different is a good thing.

Ride The Tramcar, Wildwood, NJ ~ Top things to see in the Philadelphia Area before you die

Ride The Tramcar

The boardwalk
Wildwood, NJ

Top things to do In the Philadelphia Area before you die….continued….

Ride the tramcar at the Wildwood Boardwalk or “Watch it and get out of it’s way.”

Ask ANYONE about this in the Philadelphia area. Say, “Tramcar”.

Almost immediately they will spit out,

“Watch The Tramcar, Please.”


Picture courtesy of photobucket. Ride The Darn Tramcar, will ya?

Unfortunately, it will be hidden subconsciously and consciously in your brain for the remainder of your life. The first time you hear it.

All this thing does is cart you around the boardwalk if you are lazy or just too tired to walk and spit out on a constant annoying rotation, “Watch the Tramcar Please”. “Watch the Tramcar Please” over and over and over again.

It is a Jersey shore icon, a Philly icon, our icon.

It has been around since 1949. It probably will always be there like our salt water taffys and our fudge.

Hidden in our childhood memories forever at the shore, but never forgotten.

Cape Henlopen State Park, Near Lewes, Delaware

Cape Henlopen State Park

Near Lewes, DE
About a 2 hour drive from Philly.

Continued with my series….. Top Places to see in the Philadelphia Area before you die.


Beautiful, Serene~ Cape Henlopen, Delaware

People think Delaware is boring, but I am here to prove them wrong. There are TONS of things to do in this little state.

Starting off with Cape Henlopen a gorgeous pristine state park near the beaches of Lewes, De.

Enjoy biking, hiking, sunbathing on the beach, picnicking, horseback riding, camping, fishing on the pier or take a walk on the trail and get in shape….the list is endless.

There is a 3 mile long paved trail that encircles the park to enjoy.

An observation tower for 360 degree views. To take in the natural beauty.

It’s something truly beautiful to see.

A natural untouched beauty in our area. The trip is absolutely worth it.

Those who think Delaware is a small state and has nothing to offer..

Well, I am here to prove you wrong folks!

Secret Beaches of NJ

Secret Beaches of NJ

I have done A LOT of traveling this weekend and found a few more (Secret Beaches) here in NJ that you may have never heard of. Will post in a few days. However, these beaches will most likely be vacant for your summer adventure or just a handful of people :).


Camp Crockett~ Salem County, New Jersey


Check back by the end of this week!

The Pool at Harrah’s Atlantic City top places to see in the Philly Area before you die


The Pool at Harrah’s~ Time To Swim With The Fishes

Atlantic City, NJ

Top Places to See in the Philadelphia Area before you die:


Entrance to the Pool at the Harrah’s Casino


Now, a long long time ago in the 1990s Harrah’s was known as the “old fart” casino in Atlantic City.

Wow, how things have changed.

Fast forward to this century. It’s one of the hottest top casinos in AC.

The pool is awesome either day or night.


The pool during the day

Since we get all four seasons here in Jersey and the fall and winter months are generally freezing cold.

They built this bad boy to attract others all year round with a consistent 80 degree temperature.

There are palm trees, a beautiful pool, and cabanas lining the poolside.

It’s great during the day to lounge around and at night becomes one of the most popping spots in Atlantic City starting at 10pm. The Pool After Dark.

The VIP cabanas are outrageous in price for bottle service, but I guess they are doing somewhat well. This place is packed wall to wall almost EVERY night.

Try getting drinks hahaha or better yet, go for a swim.


“Jane” and I Partying it up at night at the pool. Yay, baby!

Cooper Island, BVI



Cooper Island
British Virgin Islands

Top things to do when you are staying in St. Thomas or St. John:

Take a charter to this most gorgeous island for either lunch or dinner.


The Cooper Beach Club Restaurant, very popular amongst sailors


The beach club is gorgeous. Waterfront views, British folks with an awesome accent.

Who doesn’t like an accent?


Ah, I’ve found paradise

The restaurant is pretty good. It’s very laid back. Big portions. The fish and chips are great!

Immaculate maintained grounds. With gorgeous beautiful beaches.

It is almost entirely run on solar power. A very “green” island, mateys.

Although this island is very small only 489 acres, it offers a lot of punch and glitz.


The gorgeous tropical grounds

The beaches are white, soft, and powdery.

For scuba lovers, this serves as a main base hub in the Caribbean.

Offering shipwrecks, reefs, and many tropical fish.

Also, great for the snorkeling enthusiasts.


Manchioneel Bay Beach, Cooper Island

We took this excursion with the Bad Kitty charter (out of St. John) and very glad this is a stop amongst their tour.

I would truly like to come back and stay on the island.

However, there is at least a year in advance reservations to even stay here.


The huge dock

You are better off chartering a boat to come here for the day or rent a boat and Moor offshore to enjoy this gorgeous beauty.


Clear water in the bay

Enjoy this great little island if you ever get a chance to!