99 Steps, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

99 Steps
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

I got 99 problems, but a blue bitch ain’t one. (as sung by the Infamous Jay-Z)

The 99 stairs in St. Thomas were built by the Danes.

It is actually 103 stairs (guess they weren’t too smart back then).


99 Stairs St. Thomas

Built in the 1700s.

They thought it was a bright idea to put stairs on the island to make it easier to navigate.

Way to go smarty engineers.

It’s the Dane’s equivalent to our Rocky at the steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum.

A little bit of history still alive in St. Thomas.

Also, if you didn’t know….blue bitch is the virgin islands’ native stone. Derived of volcanic origin.

Did a lightbulb just go off?

Hopefully, you learned something new today.