Roses around the garden

My Roses Around The Garden

If anyone knows me well. I like to play in dirt. Yes, a big grownup that likes to play in the garden. Before my trip, my roses bloomed and well… I had to take a couple of shots.


Well, guess you can call me a “dirty girl.” I have loved to play in the dirt since birth and this girly girl exterior will not stop me from having fun in the yard.

I estimate at this point I have at least over 1,000 different varieties of plants and flowers, which is nowhere close to what I had years ago, in my former home of 2,200. Slowly but surely growing it year by year.

One of my favorites to grow in the garden are roses. They are actually very easy to maintain and care for.

Grow your own paradise, as I have.

My son loves to play outside as well. Of course I have to put him on here… He’s too darn cute not to.

My handsome devil

Representing the Phillies, baby with our contractor walking behind him, hahaha