Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse ~ Paulsboro, NJ Top Things to See in the Philadelphia Area before you die

Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse

2nd Street
Paulsboro, NJ

Top Things to See in the Philadelphia Area before you Die.

The Tinicum Lighthouse is definitely unique and has stood the test of time of the last century.


The Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse

It was constructed in 1880 by the US lighthouse board. The lighthouse sits at 86 feet high and is constructed of iron. It was first lit on the last night of 1880, December 31st.

On the original property, it housed the light keeper (he was one handsome devil).
The grounds contained a farm, livestock, and barn consisting of 4.8 acres of land.


Tinicum Lighthouse from bottom of base and up

In 1890, it contained a red light seen at 109 feet above sea level. Tinicum lighthouse could be seen up to 8.5 nautical miles. It played a major role in the heavily transported Delaware River during this time.

In 1917, the light was changed over to electric from oil.


Plaque at lighthouse

Descendants of the last lighthouse keeper, Captain Birch, still aid in the preservation efforts.

It became a national historic site in 2005. There is an active Tinicum Rear Range Association that assists with the preservation and tours of this impressive structure.


National Historic Site Plaque

Tours are given every 3rd Sunday of the month from April-October between 12pm-4pm. The top of the lighthouse has magnificent views of downtown Philadelphia as well as a nice shot of the Delaware River.

These tours are free.


No explanation necessary

This is still an active lighthouse today and used to mark both the Tinicum and Miflin ranges on the Delaware. However, the light has changed to a white light with a red tint.

What I found most odd and very typical of New Jersey, is there are no farm or acres of land that exist anymore.

Here we go….typical “New Jersey” for you….

Nope my friends, it sits in the middle of a ball field.


NJ’s finest at work

It really is a bizarre thing to see. This beautiful historic treasure in the middle of dilapidated baseball fields.

It is also featured on the famous NJ Lighthouse Challenge. Where folks over a course of a weekend tour all the 15 participating lighthouses in the state of New Jersey. This challenge is a wonderful fundraising event with the money going to the conservation of these beautiful wonders.

The lighthouse challenge will be held October 20th-21st of this year.


Real Majestic

Definitely check out the challenge in October and go on one of the tours at Tinnicum.

Again, it’s free….

It’s a hands on learning experience and you will be able to climb to the top to see it’s astounding views!

Hey, I’m in, how about you?