Hawksnest Is One Of The Best

Hawksnest Beach

St. John
US. Virgin Islands


beautiful pathway to the beach

There is a Hawksnest Beach and Little “Skittles” Hawksnest Beach in St. John. Both beaches are just separated by rocks and the water.


Posing away in my granny swimsuit on the left. “Jane” my friend on the right


At Hawksnest, there are great little BBQ grills (bring the charcoal) and bathroom facilities in case you need to go tinkle winkle to your heart’s content.


Come on in. The water is warm

It’s the first beach to hit after Cruz Bay on the North Shore Road of Route 20. It isn’t one to miss as most head straight to Trunk Bay, but this is a great little gem of turquoise splendor.


Hawksnest is the best, baby!

There are no lifeguards here on duty so use caution and parking is limited.

There is GREAT snorkeling here, amongst the rocks between both beaches. Also, if you venture out just a bit you’ll encounter small reefs of great fish.

I saw a parrot fish and a Manta Ray at Hawksnest. Truly splendid.


Yup, she’s a keeper

It can also get a bit crowded, but it is a lot of fun.

I saw plenty of folks with coolers of beer…. ahhhh. Delightful.

FYI, did you know it is legal to drink at 19 years old in the Virgin Islands?
Also, open containers are permitted while driving your car, hahaha. Crazy.

I actually fell in love with Hawksnest on my trip and can’t wait to return. I’ve always just driven past this location, but I am quite pleased I got to see it. It will be a definite return in the future.

Hawksnest bay is definitely a great snorkel spot. Just be careful of the tide. It tends to pull you out here.


I’m calling your name!