Bluebeard’s Beach Club Resort, St. Thomas

Sunset over Bluebeard’s Beach Club Resort


Bluebeard’s Beach Club is the first resort I have ever stayed at in St. Thomas.
I thank you for introducing me to the island, Bluebeard!

This place is a smaller property than other resorts on the island.


A swim-up pool for guests, with great piña coladas. A cute little beach sits on the vicinity.

The Beach is a bit rocky, it’s small, but very intimate, you will most likely be all by your tanned self on this beach, drinking cocktails from the pool bar. Going out in the water, drops off a bit in a few spots, but not bad. Good little snorkel location.

Off to the right of the beach there are rocks with tons of sea snails, urchins, and small clams, best to be seen at low tide. A small little shack is there on the beach, where you can rent some non-motorized equipment. At night, you see the cruise ships arriving/departing on the water and is a sight to see these massive ships all lit up.

The grounds are quite nice. Lots of palm trees and hammocks lying around. A Human-sized chess set, and tennis courts.

There is a bar that is open at night (outdoor bar) pretty cozy, drinks are strong, and some locals as well as guests are here. I’ve always met interesting folks when I’ve walked down to this bar.

Hearing stories of growing up on the island, moving to the mainland, yet St. Thomas bringing them back home. Others on vacation with the family on their first or 3rd visit from Kansas City or Portland. I love hearing other’s stories of what brought them to the island.

Bluebeard is a nice cozy, kind of boutique style hotel. Very relaxed. Great for couples on their honeymoons, anniversaries, and for families. I do recommend a rental vehicle since there aren’t any dining options on the premises. Besides that, you will have a great time.