I just got back from making a delivery. They are still in need of supplies. The items they have are not nearly enough! There is a MAJOR gas shortage. My area is okay. I am NOT able to find any gas containers all have been sold out for the storm. Gas in South Jersey is open. We Need gas cans for storage/transport. Plus, of course gas!

People are without POWER, WATER, they are FREEZING last night dropped to 38 degrees.

My brothers and sisters are DESPERATE.


See signs all over window. NO GAS CANS

This was my last haul about an hour ago.


Drinking water, propane, and gas I would say is MOST NEEDED right now.

I am willing to offer my residence as a drop off zone for any items. Including baby food, diapers, wipes, dry goods, cleaning products, canned food. Etc. I live 5 minutes from Philadelphia. I will make sure it gets into the proper hands.

I appreciate everyone’s help in matters. However, NJ needs more help!!

Please contact me if you would like to drop off supplies at

Thank you!