Grandpa Passed Tonight

So it is without saying…You really can die from a broken heart. I got the news tonight that my grandfather has passed. He is now with grandma in heaven. She died a few weeks ago as I mentioned it here on the blog. He has since declined from the moment of her passing.

I hope they are in heaven now in each other’s arms.

Live and Love with no regrets. As you get older, more people seem to pass all around you. You start to see how fragile things are and try not to take things for granted.


Arizona sunset


I have been on a path as of late finding my happiness. It has been quite fulfilling. I have lost a lot of weight and recently started going back to the gym on a daily basis. I am a few pounds away from my goal weight. Best of all, I not only look good, but I feel great! I am eating healthier than ever. I have made new friends and still love my old friends just the same. I’m finding out there’s a lot of love in this world. People just want to connect with others. It is as simple as that!

These adventures I write about aren’t just me going out. They are my livelihood. The essence of my soul. I find true tranquility when I am out in the middle of nowhere. With not a soul around. I love it. I had one encounter with a gentleman at the gym tonight talking about the website. He asked and I get this a lot. “Are you ever scared being out in the middle of nowhere like that?” My answer tonight as it always is, NO. As each day passes, I have learned you can’t live in fear and you can’t be fearful. Life is too short and precious.

I am a simple girl with a big heart and smile. A lover of life and I embrace those all around me. I truly care for those I love.


Hopefully, happy and together now

So enjoy your day everyone. Remember to smile and it is the little things to enjoy. Your simple sweet act can brighten someone’s whole entire day. Learn to live in the moment.

Until our next adventure, my friends.