Secret Beach at the Coppermine Trail~ Delaware Water Gap

Secret Beach at the Coppermine Trail

Located on Old Mine Rd.
Near southern portion
Delaware Water Gap

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Part 3 of 4 in the Delaware Water Gap series.

Most folks go to the Coppermine Trail to obviously hike the 11.6 miles in the Delaware Water Gap. The views I hear are amazing, with waterfalls, views of the Kittatinny Ridge mountain and to view old copper mines of the colonial period. In which, one day I will truly explore.


Delaware Water Gap top of Buttermilk Falls

Others come to cool off and bathe in the Delaware river. It is the cleanest river on the east coast.
I have never seen water so clean and pure in NJ in my entire life. I live on the southern end of the river and I would NEVER dare to swim in it.

There’s a popular beach here called, Turtle Beach. They charge an admission price.

Why pay a price to swim, when you can swim for free? ( FYI, you aren’t really allowed to swim here.) You can put your feet in.

Here it is…… another secret beach!

Park in the Coppermine Trail Parking Lot. Get out of the car. Walk towards the right of the parking lot to this trail towards the Delaware.


Small trail leading from the Parking Lot

Take a hike along. It isn’t kept up too well, but the trail is pretty passable.

(Trail to Delaware River from Coppermine parking lot)


You are almost there

It gets a bit narrow by the end. However, it will take you out to this beauty.


Look at this gorgeous view of the Delaware River in the Delaware Water Gap

This is a FABULOUS spot to see wildlife.


Beautiful views

There is an island across the way called Poxono on the river.


Poxono Island towards the left

The island has been known to be a popular perching spot for bald eagles. They live here all year round because of the many delicacies the gap offers them.

Why wouldn’t you want to swim here?

No crowd. Watch the kayaks and small fishing boats travel downstream. Complete tranquility is all around you.


downriver to your left

There are also raptors you may see (predator birdies for you folks that don’t know). Ducks, egrets, herons, and sandpipers are known to be¬†spotted on Poxono Island, as well.


The beach at the Coppermine parking lot

Also, more beach if you walk to the right of the shoreline from the small Coppermine trail.

This is a wonderful spot to cool off after your 11 mile hike or to just bring a nice picnic lunch (please clean up after yourself), fish, and be among nature.

Hope you enjoy and save on the admission price if you were planning to go to turtle beach!

Now jump in! The water is quite refreshing!