Coki Beach, St. Thomas


Coki Beach, St. Thomas

Coki Beach In St. Thomas is probably the most “touristy” of all the beaches on the island. I think it’s mostly because of all the amenities, plus the clear waters which make it ideal.

There is a beach bar and restaurant, many vendors, a dive shop, rentals for snorkeling and water sports, parasailing, and beach chair rentals. The list goes on.

There are a lot of families that come here. It’s more of a family oriented beach.



Coki Beach St. Thomas

There’s also great snorkeling here. Many rocks and reefs to the side make it ideal to see a lot of sea creatures.

There’s always something to do or see here which is why it’s the most popular beach on the island.

A great “people watching” beach.

Don’t get dissuaded by past events. Coki Beach is clean and safe once again.


Sit back and relax my friends


Don’t forget to visit Coral World when you come here.

It can be a lot of fun!