Pat’s Steaks is the first in Philly, Pa.

Pat’s Steaks Philadelphia, PA.

Another of Yummygal’s Top Things To Do In The Philadelphia Area Before You Die.

Get A Cheesesteak At Pat’s Steaks, Philadelphia, Pa. (the original)

Oh and by the way… it is spelled, Cheesesteak. To all the rest of the folks selling this in their restaurants in the country. It is not a Cheese Steak. Lets make this clear.


Pat’s The King Of Steaks. Philadelphia

Now, as a local resident, I am going to get so much flack for this post. Only because if you none locals don’t know….There is ALWAYS a local debate into who is better. Pat’s or Geno’s. I was here a few weeks back. I had taken Mom to a Jane’s Addiction concert. Yes, I know funny right? I believe this was her first cheesesteak ever from here! We were hungry and needed a quick cheap eat… so off to Pat’s we went. She LOOOOVED it. It was freaking delicious. Especially with a cherry coke and cheese fries (we split them) hahaha (I do not eat like this often. I have a very healthy diet, so this was a treat for me, okay?)

Now, if brought up in our city of Philadelphia to us locals into who is better (Pat’s Steaks or Geno’s Steaks) you could potentially start a riot (and this is not a joke.) If there is one thing we hold dear to our hearts, it’s our great pride in our beloved cheesesteak. Pat’s and Geno’s are across the street from each other. Both these guys have fought over the #1 spot to be the top cheesesteak joint in Philadelphia. Their neon lights have been blaring out at one another for decades. BTW, for those out of towners both Geno’s and Pat’s are open 24/7 365 days a year. Geno worked for Pat until he branched off and created his own cheesesteak joint across the street. They have been bitter rivals since. You must order wit wiz or wit out.. Oh and Good luck I’m not explaining it. It’s the whole point.

Jane’s Addiction Concert at The Mann Music Center

I choose Pat’s because it is the original and after all was the creator of this magnificent delicious beast by Pat himself, the cheesesteak. It’s a definite visit to see at night, if you are not from the area. I came here so often that the employees actually knew me by name, was pretty hilarious and pathetic in its own right.

Ahhhhhh, those were the younger days……

So Philly.. Here’s the BIG QUESTION. Are you a Pat’s? Or are you a Geno’s?