The Town of Gandy is just so fine and Dandy ~ Top Places to See In The Philadelphia Area Before You Die

Gandys Beach

The Delaware Bay
New Jersey

Yummygal’s Top Places To See In The Philadelphia Area Before You Die.


The Delaware Bay at Gandys Beach

Gandys Beach is a not a very often explored area in our state. In fact, I can almost bet at least 75% of New Jerseyans have never heard of this place, nor ever visited the Delaware Bay. I found this place doing a google map search of our state. I saw that there was a beach on the map so after some research on the location, I took a trip to explore.


Small Beach Area of Gandys Beach

Gandys Beach is located on the southwest coast of New Jersey. It is perhaps a town of 70 houses with a small beach, marina, and consists of a wildlife conservation area north of the small city.
It is protected for the sake of the migration of the birds that pass through yearly.


Towards the right of the beach

The beach is actually located in Newport, NJ. However, the name Gandys Beach refers to the Cove Rd. area of the town that overlooks the bay. Gandy was the last name of a local businessman who owned a lot of properties in Fortescue and set up residency in this small bay village.


The nature conservancy protected land. You are welcome to explore here just as long as it doesn’t interfere with the migration months. Otherwise it is closed

These folks aren’t too keen to outsiders and don’t want people to know about it. They are content with their small isolated area and no crowds of people.

I’m not saying they are mean. I am just saying to be respectful of their land and home. They were very friendly to myself, my son, and my friend when we arrived.

If you are a birder, fisherman, or don’t mind vegging out on the Delaware Bay at sunset than this is the place to be.


More protected Land

There are some really nice shore homes overlooking the beach and it has a very laid back vibe. I wouldn’t mind taking a vacation here and watching the sunset every evening.

Just remember to bring the bug spray!