Another NJ Grammar Lesson… “Crick” VS. “Creek.”

I laugh when South Jerseyans say we do not have an accent. In fact, we very much do! We often don’t realize it because we think we live in the center of the universe, haha.

Lets say for example “Crick.” How many times have we truly used this word? This is a slang we all grew up saying. Since most folks reside near such “Cricks.”


A New Jersey crick

If you venture outside of the Delaware Valley and try saying, “Crick.” Again, they’ll look at you as if you are from out of space. Now, combine “Crick” with “Wooder” (aka Water to the rest of the country). Then you are in for a real treat, haha.

There actually is no such grammatical word for “Crick.” It is Creek, but we just don’t say it around here the “correct way” because our way is “Crick!”

Now, go check out the pretty wooder that’s at the crick!

Another grammatical lesson, brought to you by The Yummygal.