Lindquist Beach St. Thomas USVI

Lindquist Beach St. Thomas USVI


Lindquist is located on the east end of St. Thomas between the Wyndham and the Saphire Beach Resorts. Hidden in between is this beauty, Lindquist Beach aka. Smith Bay.

This is my favorite beach in St. Thomas. If you come here you’d probably agree. Many resorts have been trying to purchase this land for years. However, Recently, it is now in the property of the National Park Service and will remain undeveloped for years to come.


Lindquist beach. I think she’s a keeper, eh?


Its offerings are pristine white sands, calm waters on most days, and many varieties of turquoise colors you could ever imagine.

Snorkeling is excellent here.

Feel your feet touch the soft sand, the coconut palms swaying in the wind, and the crashing of the calm waves. Oh and don’t forget, the tradewinds blowing in your hair.

Ever wonder where a lot of the Corona commercials are filmed?

This would be happen to be one of the beaches.

Lindquist is off the beaten path and becoming more and more of a popular spot amongst travelers.

However, it has been a true popular beach where the locals have been coming to for decades.

Many say this is the most beautiful unspoiled beach of St. Thomas. I would have to agree.

There are no facilities here so pack accordingly.

Grab those Coronas and cut up some lime slices, throw them in a cooler, and travel to this beach for a reenactment of their commercial. It will be better than you could ever imagine.