Tuckerton Seaport and Baymen’s Museum

Some of you may actually be reading this in the dark right now! Man, did we have quite a storm! I hope if your electric isn’t on now, that it will turn on soon!

Every week, I am going to try to get something new up on this blog here!  I know school is out for summer… so now is the time to explore with the kids and going out and doing things together!  One place you need to visit, and to put on your South Jersey bucket list, is the Tuckerton Seaport Museum.. in none other than… Tuckerton, New Jersey!


Yes! The Pine Barrens are getting some love too!


A fun little craft station at the museum.


Inside the museum!


Kid learning about frogs and gets to be a frog… Priceless!


The view from the visitor’s entrance and museum.


Great information and fun facts can be found throughout the premises!


Replica of the Tucker’s Lighthouse that once aided sailors on Little Egg Harbor.

I came to visit in early Spring of this year… however, during the summer is when this place comes alive!  The Tuckerton Seaport is a working maritime village and a museum that consists of 17 buildings that all connect via a boardwalk along Tuckerton Creek.  


Come on out and learn about our history!


View from close to the top of the lighthouse.


The one and only “BILLY.” I know… How original, eh?


Gnarly! Jersey surfer girls!

This is a fabulous place to learn a bit about Jersey Shore history AND the surrounding ecology and environment.  What is also pretty awesome, is the kids actually will learn and have fun on top of it too.  I took my 3-year-old with me and he enjoyed his entire visit! You’ll learn about Jersey surfers, railroads, and a ton of other neat little history tidbits about our homeland! A lot of folks don’t realize this, but the lighthouse you see on the premises is actually a replica of the one that was washed away by the sea in 1927.  The original lighthouse was built in 1848 to guide boats into Little Egg Harbor.  It was a short brick tower with about 15 lamps and 15 inch reflectors.  A lot of the sailors actually did not like the Tucker Lighthouse (as it was called) because it did not give off adequate light.  Today, the replica lighthouse is a pretty cool museum that houses a lot of history about the Jersey Shore!

This place has a ton for kids and the family to enjoy… from crafts, to sea creatures, two goats and even a park.  You could literally spend hours here checking out each building and seeing what they also have to offer…  Duck decoys, anyone?


The cool premises… reminds me of a tiny bit like Smithville… although, I think this place is much cooler!




There are even chickens here!


Part of the fun little park on the premises!


Our last stop before we head out… The little pirate, argh!

Go on out and have a great time this summer!

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Until our next adventure, my friends!

-The Yummygal

One thought on “Tuckerton Seaport and Baymen’s Museum

  1. Pictures are outstanding. You and your camera do well together. May I ask what camera you are using?
    On another note I remember driving down to the shore areas from Pennsville with my grand parents and making that right turn at Tuckerton with the church on the corner. Their car was a 1936 plymouth. We would head for Sea Isle City and enter it on what was the old road used then. Later my grand parents had built a story and a half house in Whale Beach which was between Strathmere and Sea Isle City. This was a time when dunes were more prominent. I remember running on top of them and looking down. Great times on the beach. A northeaster( we called them then) in the late 30s devastated the area,turned our house upside down on it`s peak with many people`s belongings swept into the bay. While in the service my girlfriend and I drove down to this area and it looked as if there was never a settlement established there. These were the days of the Big Band era which is still in part of my blood!
    Looking forward to more of your journeys

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