Harrisville Lake & Ruins

Rt. 679
Chatsworth Rd
Chatsworth, NJ

Another neat place to check out this summer… As I call it, “Pine Barren Lovin’…”

Brick ruins are all that remain at this old paper making site. Owned by the Harris family for where it received its name. The mill was burnt down in the early 1900s and this is all that remains today. The Harrisville Ruins are part of the epicenter of the Pine Barrens.



What most people don’t know is that Joseph Wharton owned the property before its demise. He fixed up the building in the hopes that he could export drinking water to Philly. Philadelphia’s water supply was very dirty in this time period.

Wharton ended up not being able to export water to the City of Brotherly Love so the building was used for agricultural research before it burned down.




Harrisville Lake is a tea-colored paradise. Abundant wildlife call their home here. Canoe & kayaking offers great exploratory fun. Eagles can be spotted soaring above.

I have to kayak the Oswego River from Oswego Lake to Harrisville Lake. It is on my bucket list and I’m told it is to die for.

Yummyboy enjoying Harrisville Lake.

Enjoy a piney day. There is nothing better in our backyard than the Pine Barrens. It’s a great ecology to explore.

Until our next adventure, my friends!

-The Yummygal

2 thoughts on “Harrisville Lake & Ruins

  1. In addition to the paper mill ruins there are also the ruins of the artisan well which still flows to this day, the ruins of the grist mill, several foundations of the worker’s houses, both mansions cellar holes, the company store cellar hole, the bunkhouse cellar hole, the remains of the hand dug canal, and South Main Street which is now called Bodine Field Rd.

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