Some Days Are More Inspiring Than Others, But Everyday Has Been A Great Day

I have been out every single day for the last 2 months. It’s been awe-inspiring. I am waaaay behind on stories for the site. My apologies. Although, the next 3 weeks are finished. I am still behind on writing and backdated to about a 3-4 weeks behind my adventures! Basically, by the time you read a post, it was most likely from the month prior.

I hope I can offer you folks some really intriguing places to visit.


Future upcoming post

Today was a VERY accomplished day. I hiked one of the hardest trails in South Jersey. Its location is the most remote in all of the state of New Jersey and encompasses over 3,500 acres. This place I ventured to offers no maps at all. You are left to your own devices in getting back safely. Although, I’ve always been an outdoors-woman, I have to give credit to my last journey to St. John in getting me back to enjoying nature.


I am the one who looks like a boy on the left, haha. Do you see? I am outdoors and happy

It was a bit like a maze today, but fun in the same sense. Extremely rustic. My son came along and laughed the entire time. These days, it’s hard to even get him back in the house. He just wants to be outside. My mom on the other hand freaked out today. Hahaha. We’ll just have to get her up to speed. Won’t we?


My co-pilot

I’m hoping to spark a fire in you, to get you out and explore. I still can’t get over the rude people of The Delaware Valley. We are a lovely bunch, aren’t we? However, the beauty far surpasses it all. Hopefully, you will see it in my upcoming stories.


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Thanks Again for stopping by. As always, here to assist in any questions you may have.

I will ALWAYS get back to you by the end of the day. If not sooner.