Munds Park, Arizona


Munds Park, AZ

Munds Park is very special to me I spent my late teens and 20s here.

I visited here recently. It had changed a bit, but still beautiful as ever.

You are about 25-30min. outside of Flagstaff. The homes are mostly log cabins with big pine trees grown around them. There are tons of wildflowers and butterflies. Most people flock here in the summer because of the much cooler weather than the desert.

Temperatures in the summer average around 78-80 degrees. It’s near a lot of lakes in Northern AZ, so a lot of people bring their boats. Lots of hiking, nature, and forests at their best. The elevation is about 4,000-5,000 feet so for me I am a jersey girl that is use to sea level. I had trouble when walking or running at first (and in shape), but scared I would pass out.

Things to visit while you are here:

Mormon lake, take the “dirt road” from Munds park to Mormon lake, unfortunately, it has been dried up the last couple of years. There are some cool looking saloons and lodgings, kind of like the old west, but in a prairie.

I am happy I got to see it with water in my lifetime. I have never seen anything so beautiful, when I saw it dried up my last visit was truly heart-wrenching. The San Francisco Peaks in the background, wildflowers, and the water looked like a painting!! Hopefully, the water comes back. It has been really dry in recent years.

Hints why you are here:

Visit flagstaff and the San Francisco peaks (elevation even crazier here 7,000 feet above sea level).

Lake Mary is gorgeous. Grab a picnic lunch or if fortunate enough a small boat and just enjoy the day.

I enjoyed most seeing the horses and the wildlife like a moose. I thank my grandparents for having a place there. They are some of my most fondest summer memories here, and happy to see it in my late 20s, again!