Vitale’s, Gloucester City, NJ

Vitale’s, Gloucester City, NJ~ A Rocking Place To Eat

My favorite local Italian eatery. So much so that I had my wedding rehearsal dinner here. If you are looking for true authentic Italian food, this is the place. A lot of people haven’t heard of this place because it is not in the best location and exterior could get overlooked. Don’t let it stop you. It may be one of the best meals you’ve had in awhile. You won’t leave hungry.


My friends and I dining at Vitale’s in Gloucester City


The place gets packed. Make sure you call for a reservation ahead of time, since they may be fully booked up until 9pm.

There is always a different variety of wines to select from and specialty drinks, which is great. There’s always something new. They have a huge beverage menu. I love it.

Start off with one of their special seafood appetizers, always great, the caprese insalata, fresh mozzarella with basil and oil. Along with their bruschetta, it is probably the best I have ever had, and I am Italian.

If you don’t get the bruschetta, that’s okay. Since their bread is nice and fresh and will arrive with olive oil and herbs to dip it in. Diabetic not recommended.

The house salad with their house dressing is so simple, yet so good. Perfect flavor.

I usually go with the stuffed salmon or filet, but their pasta is to die for. The filet is ALWAYS perfect and the salmon as well. Big cuts of meat. I’m always taking home food in a doggy bag.

They are famous for their crab cakes from what I hear. People rave about them. Still haven’t tried them after the many times I have visited.

You must end your night with coffee (always perfectly brewed) and the banana foster dessert, you can’t go wrong, it’s like liquid crack.

Most of the time the owner is there and will greet you or stop by your table. I like that in a restaurant. It always gives a place a nice touch and shows that they really care how their patrons are enjoying their evening.

I give it a 4 out of 5. Very big for me.

This hole in the wall type of establishment is wonderful. Don’t be deceived by the neighborhood or establishment.

Pluses-great food, big portions, service good, nice variety of wines and drinks, if you have made a reservation you are seated immediately, the owner if on the premises will either greet you or come to your table

Minuses-parking, (however, sometimes easier to park in the cvs parking lot) 1 bathroom only for both sexes, dated interior

If they kicked it up just a little bit, they can get there. It sure as hell beats a lot of the restaurants in Collingswood and in Philly.

Below, Friends and family dining at Vitale’s.