Filomena’s Blackwood

Filomena’s Blackwood

Okay, where to begin… Ate here on Saturday. All I can say is meh.. Average. Service was good I have to give it that.


Price range $20-$35 per person

What I ate.

First course: Caesar salad-no flavor whatsoever. It was pretty much dry and hardly any dressing. Pluses, The portions are big. Minuses-dry, lacked flavor

2nd course: escarole soup. Was ok. Would say average. Could tell homemade. Too much salt added.

Main Course: walnut chicken- blah. The cutlets were thin, the salad it comes with is a mix I could get at the local produce stand.The veggies they serve it in are drenched in butter and oil. Again, portions are big, but it lacks any “special preparedness” seems like they just drench their food in salt, oil, and butter, which is very unpleasant.

Pluses: ambiance is cute, has a fireplace, the restrooms are very clean, staff is friendly, big portions

Minuses-food lacks creativity, flavor, drenched in fatty oils, butter, salt, too pricey for what they are serving

I could get a better meal at Applebys to be honest and I literally hate chain restaurants. It would have been cheaper.

Service is what is holding this place together. I would not come here for the food, but hey that’s my opinion. Many people seem to come here as “regulars”.

I give it ** out of *****. Probably, won’t be going back any time soon.

However, it wasn’t as bad as my husband’s golf swing, now that is horrible.


Bad Golf Swing!