That’s Amore, Collingswood, NJ


That’s Amore Restaurant

690 Haddon Ave.
Collingswood, NJ

Pretty soon, I will be showcasing the top places to see or do in the Philadelphia Area before you die.

I’d like to make this my first blog in this series.

You need to dine at That’s Amore.

If you have any doubts whatsoever to dine here….

Wash all of those doubts away and take that leap of faith. You will NOT be disappointed.

Chef Alfredo was truly right on in naming his restaurant, “That’s Amore.”

That’s all this place is…

It is pure genuine, honest, love.


Picture of what I call, “Restaurant Row” in Collingswood.



The food speaks for itself and hugs you like your mama never held you before.

It screams to you “eat me” when your belly is so darn full, but you just have to keep eating until you explode and then eat some more.

There’s warmth, there’s passion, and there’s, That’s Amore.

It is so incredibly hard for any restaurant to wow me. This place has me wowed completely.

Btw, I would be a happy woman if this was my last meal on earth.

I took my mother here for her birthday on Saturday.

I had the Tuscan field greens salad. This was one of the best salads I have ever had. It contains goat cheese and tastes so smooth like cream cheese, only better and more delicate, but a similar consistency. It goes down like a fine wine.

My mom had the classic caesar salad and said was the best dressing she ever had.

We ordered the goat cheese pillow and the garlic bread with dipping sauce.

My god, I want to know what cheese this is that they use. I have had goat cheese many times before, but this just melts in your mouth (as if they just made it from scratch).

The cheese is topped with balsamic vinegar, oil, tomatoes,onions, spices, with garlic bread crackers to top the cheese on. This cheese is so rich, creamy, and full of flavor.

You will be singing a capella by the time it reaches your belly.

The garlic bread and dipping sauce is great. I like the fact it isn’t this soggy mush of bread that comes out. It is firm (which should be) toasted perfectly with garlic, parmesan, and spices. The marinara sauce is incredible. Just like grandma’s.

At this point in the evening, I literally wanted to run across the street for the massive crowd waiting to be seated at Il Fiore that I saw while glancing out the window. The crowd was spilling almost on the street, I wanted to scream to them, “Why are you waiting for that place, when this place is 100 times better?” (and I think Il Fiore is actually pretty good)

We both had the specials. I had a filet with blue cheese. My mother the salmon with pasta special.

The filet, phenomenal. The salmon, perfect. The pasta, melts in your mouth.

Our meals delicate, delicious, and homemade.

My mom said the food was better than s**. She never speaks such vulgarity. She’s a classy dame, but it is THAT good,


We were so very stuffed could not eat anymore…however, you will find any empty crevice in your stomach to try to keep eating.

She had the chocolate lava cake. I of course had to try. It is so rich, creamy, and chocolately. More of a fudge like consistency and flavor. It was decadent.

I’ve had lava cake at many other restaurants and I am usually burdened with a very dense, acidic, sponge like after taste, this you don’t get that, it truly is amazing.

I had the upside down pineapple cake. The best I have ever had, not too much on the cinnamon (which a lot of places will drench it in) No, it had fresh coconut, fresh pineapple, and amazing warm breading. The coconut gave it a great extra oomph and a nice little punch to it.

It makes the cake (no pun intended).

Chef Alfredo came out and asked us how he did.( I love when restaurants do this)

However, it wasn’t because it is his job that some chefs will do it for, making the way around tables.

You can see it in his eyes, he doesn’t want to disappoint.

There is a true passion, love, and the desire to please his patrons.

He really, really, really cares, and wants you to love his food.

You see it in every plate that comes to the table.

On another note….


A picture of the building. Pre That’s Amore.


I literally hate these “Yelpers”, from the popular critic site, Yelp.

These critics are young kids ages 19-25 that have no genuine sense of palate of really top-notch food. Yet, they write these horrible reviews about certain businesses (like the one I am mentioning) and because of these reviews businesses are suffering.

Who the heck would listen to a 20-year-old when it comes to good food? I can’t believe this site has the audacity to say they (That’s Amore) hire their wait staff to write 5 star reviews. It is appalling.

I have traveled all over the world. I feel as if I am able to cook at a gourmet chef level having been taught by a live in boyfriend of 5 years who trained at the best cooking school in America, the CIA.(married now)

I have eaten at 5 star Zagat, James Beard winners, and 5 star Michelin restaurants.

Some of the top 10 restaurants in the country, I have dined at.

I have to say. Chef Alfredo is up there. I am not sure of how he learned to cook or any formal training he has under his belt, but what he offers is something very memorable. His restaurant should be what other restaurants in Collingswood should aspire to. He is at the very top of his game.(I have eaten at EVERY restaurant in Collingswood.)

I want to thank the Chef and staff for making my mother and I very happy.

We felt welcome from the get go. As if we were going over to grandma’s for dinner.

She said it was the best Italian meal she has ever eaten.

For myself, it’s a tough call, but you are definitely up there and the best in the area.

I can’t wait to spread the word about That’s Amore.