Iron Hill Brewery, Maple Shade, NJ

Iron Hill Brewery

Maple Shade, NJ
Another Restaurant Review…..


 This is all mine my friends. You can watch and salivate. While I drink this nifty beer sampling.


If you already didn’t know, I HATE chain restaurants.

However, I got suckered into going like I always do and guess what pleasantly surprised.

Hey at least it’s a local chain in the Philadelphia area.

I was in the mood for something light to eat, but wanted to definitely have a drink, well, because it’s a brewery.

My date had the 8 ounce Kennett Square burger, I had a bite was delicious!
Made from our very own locally grown mushrooms, hence the Kennett Square name.

I had the Mediterranean grilled chicken salad. Was delightful.

Now, the best part of this meal…and curtain please. Is the beer sampler on the menu. You get to try a variety of beers brewed on location and ahhhhhh.

Good little place to grab a quick bite and to have a few with friends.

Good beer.