Casona, Collingswood, NJ

Casona, Collingswood, NJ

Cuisine-Cuban with Mexican influence

Now, I was here a few years ago. I had witnessed the craziest events ever. It was restaurant week. I think there were troubles in the kitchen. My total time that I was here was about 3 hours because of a supposed kitchen delay and I will tell you in this timeframe, I literally saw 3, yes 3 separate couples get up and walk out because they were so frustrated and left the restaurant. It was crazy. It kind of freaked me out, but thought maybe it was a “freak incident” and decided to give it another whirl.

Now, I have heard that they changed the head chef and management. I have to say I think this was a good move on their part because frankly, that night was probably the most horrible experience I have had dining out. The service and the backup in the kitchen was disgraceful. If this occurred on a regular basis then they had to do something about it.

A year later, things have changed. I had requested in my reservation to sit out on the patio. It is definitely recommended on a nice sunny day. They fulfilled my request and sat us promptly.

Our server came over right away and introduced himself. My friend embarrassed me discussing the incident of a year ago that I had witnessed. He opened our wine and informed us we would have a pleasant evening and we did.



Raspberries to you, mommy!

What we ate:

Appetizer-crab guacamole. Just coming here for this is well worth it. Tons of crab, fresh avocado, and perfect seasoning of lime

Tuna chino latino, fish was cooked well, but lacked that oomph of being something special was ok.

My friend had the fajitas, it’s not even worth mentioning because it’s pretty hard for any restaurant to mess that up, but he said they were REALLY good

Tres leches- we both split, was very moist
Coffee was memorable. I also find it hard to find a restaurant that can make a good coffee and they have it down.

I give it 2.5 stars.

Pluses: Service is great, location of our table (outside on deck) was nice, guacamole was fantastic.

Minuses: entrees are average, lacked flavor. I would expect a bit more pizazz since seafood is predominately a big staple in Cuban food.

Parking is horrible, but that’s part of the whole Collingswood mess.

Hints: park down the street about a block down, try not to park on the main road (will be tough).


Request a table on the patio upon making your reservation if the weather is nice.

I would give it another shot again. However, the only thing I found memorable was the guacamole.