IndeBlue Collingswood NJ

Yoo Hoo…. IndeBlue, I am in love with you

IndeBlue, Collingswood, NJ

Indian Cuisine

There comes a time in your life in all your worldly travels that finally a restaurant has done it right. Has hit “the trifecta”.

Trifecta: food, service, and consistency.

They have this place run like a tight ship. They listen to their customers. They read their reviews. They actually care.

It is run by a husband and wife team. Their start was actually across the street in the tiniest location. It was a hit, immediately.

Chef Rakesh,the owner, is a third generation chef grew up and trained in India. Legend has it he joined a local competition won first place and from there his fame was history. He’s cooked all over the Middle East, Europe, and exotic locations, ending up here in the States.

Food is authentic, yet with a modern twist. Big portions, great prices, bold flavors and if you ask for extra extra spicy, well they aren’t scared to do it.

Here is what I enjoyed my last visit….

Vegetable samosa-can you say melt in your mouth and crispy?

Drums of heaven- just that heaven, made extra spicy for us and like a big Indian buffalo wing, only better

Chicken tikka salad- big enough to split amongst 2 people and for a salad at this price, tons of meat and flavor, served with a sweet and tangy dressing

Chicken madras-coconut, chilli, and mustard seed. Can you say flavor?

Hubby had Lamb Vindaloo-can I just say “baaah baaah ” meat right of the bone, juicy, flavorful yum yum yum

Homemade yes homemade ice cream with fig
Hubs had the sweet potato cheesecake

This is a last meal sort of place, without breaking the bank.

Tips: Bring a nice wine, byob. Ask for Jeremy best server there and knows the menu very well. Parking is tight so park across the street behind the Italian restaurant.

It gets 4 stars, since a bit cramped, packed in like a sardine.

Hubby gives IndeBlue a thumbs up!