Congratulations to the Town of Hammonton

I want to thank the town of Hammonton, NJ. and it’s people for putting on two great festivals back to back this year!!

Sign of the “Blueberry Capital of the World”!

The “blueberry” capital of the world, put on an excellent festival of blueberries.  It was pushing 100 degrees out that day, however, it didn’t keep the people away. It was a fabulous turn-out!  I purchased a homemade blueberry pie which was delicious and many other unique items and crafts.

The Hammonton Blueberry Festival

Also, almost a week after, the longest running Italian festival in the country. Including, a week full of entertainment. This was a real treat! The sausage and peppers and wine from Tomasello’s winery were awesome.

Italian Festival, Hammonton, NJ.

The Italian Festival wasn’t as hot because it was during the night. There were blocks and blocks full of entertainment, food, amusements, and best of all… A beer garden.

Thanks again, Hammonton. I will see you next year!

Red, White, and Blueberry Festival, Hammonton, NJ


Hammonton Blueberry Festival
Hammonton, NJ

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Sexy Blueberries from NJ, baby!

Starts today at 10am my friends.  It is located on White Horse Pike at the Hammonton High School.  I drove by yesterday and looks like a lot of tents were being put up. There’s going to be A LOT of people here.

If anyone didn’t know….Hammonton, NJ, is the #1 blueberry capital of the world. Thus, every summer, there is a wonderful festival celebrating this infamous blueberry right here in our backyard.


The Hammonton Blueberry Festival. It was very very hot this year!

Fun Facts:

Hammonton has been recently featured in Boardwalk Empire, it’s famous sign.

There is a rich family history of farmers in this area and most are of Italian decent.

Hammonton is the largest population of Italian descendants in the State of New Jersey.

The blueberry has been recently named New Jersey’s state fruit.

If you haven’t had a Hammonton blueberry, you haven’t had a blueberry.

The best blueberries in the world come from here.

Tomasello Winery in Hammonton features a blueberry wine that is amazing.

Thus, utilizing the town’s sacred fruit.

The infamous celebration begins July 1st, 2012.

The festival is in it’s 26th consecutive year.

Many vendors, food, wineries, and of course the beloved, delicious blueberry are available for your pleasure.

Bring the family. New Jersey is the Garden State for a reason.