Sometimes Paradise… Is Just Not Paradise …When You’re In The Dark.

Sometimes Paradise… Is Just Not Paradise …When You’re In The Dark.

The Yummygal tends to get caught in a little snafu from time to time. Usually, it’s quite hilarious. I’m one of those nutbags who always over packs and does tremendous research prior to any engagement.

I recently ran into trouble here in the states on an adventure. I had to call 911 (in which I never called before). I will air the story in the future and explain the details.

However, I have been out almost every single day exploring our area. There are great posts to come on fantastic museums and unique places which are extremely economical, if not free. I know some of you folks are hurting from this tough economy and I’m trying to show you an exciting array of activities you can do without busting your wallet.

Read below for the funny story about a lesson learned in St. John.


Cinnamon Bay, St. John USVI= Paradise


It was our 2nd night in St. John. “Jane” (not her real name) and I had just gotten back from dinner and it was still light out. We decided it would be an excellent (stupid) opportunity to walk to Coral Bay (including the Skinny Legs area) to take pictures of the firehouse and police station.

We brought a flashlight from the villa with us.

You know just in case, right?


It’s getting dark in paradise

By the time we got to the school near the restaurant, it was dark. No worries, there were street lights on so we walked to Skinny Legs than turned around to head back to the villa.


Coral Bay Fire Truck

We were not prepared on what we would encounter. We got to the villa road and we literally couldn’t see inches in front of us. Most roads in St. John don’t have street lights since electricity is about 4 times the cost of the mainland. The lighting they have is horrible to begin with. Street lights are predominantly on the major roads. Most villas are not on the major roads.


Police Station

We got out the flashlight, it didn’t help at all. The two of us were walking literally hand to hand at this point.

If anyone has ever encountered the back roads of St. John, they are deadly. They are not paved, rocky, go up and down very steep inclines, and there are massive crater potholes in some areas. I’m talking meteorites just landed sort of potholes.

We thought we were destined to:

A) break a bone,
B) fall, sprain an ankle,
C) get attacked by the wildlife,

or all of the above.

We actually discussed all of these possibilities in full detail.


The literal walking nightmare

I have never been in such darkness in my life to where you can’t see ANYTHING in front of you.

We relied on a flash of a camera about every couple of feet. Slowly walking one step at a time.

I believe the road is about a half mile to a mile long. We heard lots of rustling in the woods. Perhaps, goats or donkeys? Bats were flying all around us (the only mammal that is native to St. John, btw).

The tree frogs were croaking away. It was scary and funny at the same time.


The road using flash from my camera to see

I thought about calling our villa owners because I know they would have come and gathered us, but we were determined to do it alone. Jared our villa owner is awesome. He owns Starlit Escape Villa, but if starlit isn’t your cup of tea, he also manages other properties on the island and they are just as reasonable.

It’s best to work with folks on the island in case you ever run into situations such as this. Which is why I strongly suggest working with the Starlit folks.


What the heck is in front of us?

We were literally shocked when we got to the villa unharmed. No sprained knee or fall.

Folks, if walking around St. John at night, make sure you have a strong bright flashlight. It’s exceptionally dark especially if not a full moon. You are surrounded by a jungle-like canopy because the island is mostly a National Park. This also applies to some areas of Cruz Bay.

It was a lot of fun in some ways. We learned our lesson and drove at night everywhere from there on out.

You can laugh at me, it’s okay.