Jumbie Bay, St. John Haunted? More Like Haunted By Beauty.

Jumbie Bay Beach, St. John USVI

Honestly, I hate to even write this post. This is by far my favorite no hiking that far beach to go to.

It is extremely private. It is because there is very limited parking.

I also like the location. It is adjacent to Trunk Bay. You see the beauty of the bay and the entire span of Trunk Bay without the admission price. Bada Bing, baby….. That is what Yummygal is talking about.

The reasoning on possibly the name of Jumbie Beach. Is that there are a few Jumbie trees (silk cotton trees) in the small little hike to get to the stunning beach.


The sign to the infamous Jumbie beach

Now, legend has it spirits are in these trees and extreme bad luck will occur if you chop it down.

Also, many pirates would bury their treasure around the trees back in the day because they knew people would be scared to go near a Jumbie Tree.

The myths also state, that a beautiful woman will be found amongst these trees… you will bed her… then the next day die. A wonderful way to go, MATEY.


Small hiking path to Jumbie Beach

The Virgin Island folks have used the leaves of the Jumbie tree for medicinal purposes over the last few centuries. Primarily they use it for a tea to help with fatigue. It’s a very treasured tree.

However, what I treasure most is the beach and there is nothing spooky about it.


Your first look at Jumbie

You’ll come out of that small path and a little bridge and this will be the first thing you see.

Notice Trunk Cay in the picture above. Which is famous for the underwater snorkel trail.


Another shot my friends


And another

It is so very private. Laid back and serene… My type of beach. A great snorkel spot over at the rocks here.


Rocks on the right of the beach

The beach is pretty large, not big like Trunk Bay, but you can see it across from you.

Also, you have full permission to point and laugh at the folks you see across the way at Trunk Bay.

They paid for admission and you didn’t have to.


Hello there Trunk Bay beach! You paid an admission.. I didn’t!

This is just perfect in paradise, isn’t it?


Hi turquoise water, it was nice to meet you


Yummygal at Jumbie Beach, St. John

Definitely stop here on your trip to St. John.


Yummygal’s and “Jane’s” Private Beach

You won’t regret it. Trust me. Some people say it’s haunted. Honestly, it’s haunted by beauty. Hahaha


No caption necessary

Grab your drinks, a picnic lunch, throw them all in a cooler and head out here for the day.


She’s a keeper

Enjoy this beach. You can thank me later.


Remember, to tease these guys from across the way, they paid for this view. You didn’t