The Timber Creek Park- What I Wouldn’t Do For A Dog To Bark

Timber Creek Park

Chews Landing-Clementon Rd. & Taylor Ave.

Blackwood, NJ

For GPS location use Monroe Ave. in Lindenwold, NJ

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Entryway to the park. Nearest the infamous dog park.

Timber Creek Park is truly a splendid on the rustic side park. Yummygal loves this local place! This is the latest addition to the Camden County Park System and one of the best. It truly is an oasis in Gloucester Township and I will explain why (I always do, don’t I?)

Timber Creek kids park

The Timber Creek is a major estuary that spills into the beautiful Delaware River. It was once a vibrant Lenni-Lenape Indian area. Indian Villages lined the creek. In colonial times, it was used for the transportation of goods and served as a communication thoroughfare with ships traveling up and down the creek.

This creek in 1987 was considered the most polluted waterway in all of New Jersey. The last 25 years, it has improved greatly and almost pollution free. It is a typical New Jersey sad story turned good.

However, to the rest of the world NJ is a polluted state and this doesn’t help our street credentials.

Pretty paved walking trail area

The watershed is home to many egrets, herons, and osprey. Also, to Atlantic shad, striped bass, perch, eel, catfish and sunfish. Turtles, clams and crayfish. Mammals include, deer, fox, raccoons, and squirrels. Plus, many other animals inhabit the area (just too much to mention). The park itself was once a horse farm. It is known to the locals as “Slim’s ranch.” In fact a slim on a farm is a worker that takes care of livestock, maintains buildings, fences and machinery. He/She lives, eats and breathes on the ranch they call home.

A pretty pond

This must have been one gorgeous homestead because the property is immaculate. Timber Creek is around 58 acres of forested hiking beauty. It actually seems larger than what it really is. It surpasses the Timber Creek, a beautiful pond area with old visible decking, forested trails, small streams and ravines. There is also a 1/4 mile jogging/walking trail. As well as a small amphitheatre, a small rustic play gym for the kids, benches, and bathroom facilities.

The best feature of all is the incredible 9 acre dog-run in the park. It is nestled in the quaint forest. It is by far the best dog park in the South Jersey Area, hands down. It is very clean and well-maintained. Best of all, it doesn’t even look like a dog park!

Entrance to dog park

The trails were pretty tough with a stroller. It’s very sandy and goes up and down some steep inclines even stairs. Be cautious. It is a very nice county park. I like how they kept the rustic charm and kept the forest instead of knocking it down. It It is truly what gives it its charm.


Definitely check the place out. I would recommend children over 3 years old and no younger. Due to the inclines/declines here. A great addition to the park system.

Most Recently (April 2013) I came across this wonderful Facebook Page on Slim’s Ranch depicting old photographs from the 1960s to 1990s. A must to check out and “Like” their page!’s Ranch – Chews Landing, NJ.