Grand Canyon, Arizona If You’re Scared Of Heights, Boy This is a Fright!


Grand Canyon, Arizona

There’s one of those moments in life that you have to catch your breath because of what you see in front of you. The Grand Canyon will be one of those moments. Pictures do not do it justice.

As you overlook the canyon, you realize how very tiny you are and how big this world actually is. You feel like a peon.



Grand Canyon, Arizona

There are many gift shops along the canyon as well as a train that allows you to see the sights.

A great place to catch a great lunch is El Tovar on the south rim of the canyon. The hotel has deep rooted history. Beautiful wood encompasses the dining area. It’s like a step back in time.


Indoors at El Tovar


The food isn’t bad either.

The Grand Canyon for me, brings back great memories with my grandparents.

Whatever you do, you will fall in love with Arizona and it’s great beauty.

I feel as if it is almost a second home.