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The Yummygal. Yup that's me. I hate pictures, FYI.

The Yummygal. Yup that’s me. I hate pictures, FYI.

Welcome to South Jersey History and Adventures! Yummy has been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, SJ magazine, and local newspapers and publications since she started this blog journey. She’s also published two books. I also do portrait photography here in South Jersey at http://www.shootingstarsouthjersey.com. This blog got me into photography and it has now turned into a thriving business!

This website was started about 6 years ago.. as a way for my son and I to get out and see what is in our backyard. It is a historical and fun journey of our great Garden State. I am in love with it! I’m dedicated to bringing you our beauty and history to the world!

I’m married and have a six year old son and a delightful and spunky three year old daughter, who are the self-proclaimed “youngest” South Jersey explorers out there. They go on almost every adventure with me and are my greatest joy in the world! We are out a few days a week checking out sites all over the area.

There is so much to learn and do here in New Jersey and the entire Delaware Valley region. It is incredible. I am attempting to do and see as much as I can and to write about my South Jersey journey. However, I honestly believe it will be impossible in my lifetime.

I take pride in doing my own research, pouring over many old books and documents, I take every photograph and write every article you see here (unless specified as a guest blogger.)

Both Frank H. Stewart and our modern-day historian pioneer, Jerseyman, are historical Gods of South Jersey in my book. Their legacy can never ever be replaced, however, I hope I can bring something to the table that you may enjoy.

Enjoy “Yummygal’s” South Jersey Exploring my friends! -YG


You may contact me at theyummygal@gmail.com.  🙂

32 thoughts on “About Yummygal

  1. Hey Yummygal, I just wanted to invited you to come out parasailing with us this summer in LBI. I read your blog from time to time as I lived in the Virgin Islands for 8 years before I moved to LBI. Anyway, keep up the good work.

    • Hey Ty, I appreciate you reading the blog. I want to say sorry because I believe I may have posted your competitor on here. I tried them out a few years ago, haha, so please don’t hold that against me. I’m happy to hear you lived in the Virgin Islands and I’m sure you miss your dearly beloved island. I’m sure it will be forever in your heart as it is mine. It is a necessity to go once a year and against the law if you don’t, haha. I have to say I have met friends for a lifetime there.

      I am continuing to post on great things in the area and actually have articles scheduled up until November. The website is growing fast and trying to keep it as real as possible.

      I checked out your company. I think it’s great you have a Coast Guard certified boat and 100% safety record. Which means guaranteed ease for your customers.

      Contact me if you’d like me to come out and I would gladly write about the great experience.

      You can reach me at theyummgal@gmail.com

      Thanks again and I hope you are booming this 4th of July. I just got back and man was it busy!

      Hopefully you are starting to rake it in!

      And thank you again for reading. More posts on the VI’s coming out soon, haha.

    • Hey..YUMMYGAL.. My name is Jenn Beurer.. and my dad is Dick Lee! From Dick Lee’s Nite Club in bellmawr NJ. U did a story on his club! Thank u for that! It was awesome! I don’t want anyone to tear it down.. just keep it as is!! There were soooo many great and famous bands that played there! I should know…I was there for alot of them! I hear they r tearing it down…My dad..is not happy! Keep it as it is!! It is a landmark and a mermory!

  2. Good job Tweedle! Your posts are both interesting and informative. Very proud of you as always. Keep em comin’! Love you. Yummygal’s Two Cents Momma

    • Ray, thank you. I have over 60 articles completed and will be airing, plus ones I am working on. I have interviewed some wonderful folks in our area and found some very unique places that I want to share. I’m actually falling in love with my home state which I never thought could be quite possible! I saw your site! I love it! And I love LBI! Keep up the great work and I think it’s wonderful you are putting things to do on your site! Thanks again!

    • Hey Scott! Love the Taxi you showcased! Folks click on the link for cool stuff do do “down the shore” from Scott’s blog. (scott just spellcheck your wildwood naval museum post) all in all, good read. 🙂

  3. What an excellent blog and philosophy to share Yummygal. Agreed life is way too short to spend it sitting in front of a TV screen or popping anti depressants when life offers so many natural highs. 🙂 Now I have more things to do next time I visit NJ or PA.

  4. Yea bethelencircle that seems to be “the norm” popping some anti-depressants and sitting in front of the TV, lol. Radarnelson, thank you. I have been a little “MIA” sort of as of late. However, just starting up with the writing again. Betunada, your wife just has great taste. What can I say? It is probably why you married her!

  5. FANTASTIC beach photo at top of (current) page. of course you took that. really, everyone is ‘subjected’ to many many beach photos but THAT ONE is SUPERLATIVE. i could go for a, say, 4′ high x 8′ wide WALL poster of that!

  6. I just discovered your blog after seeing a FB post on the News of Salem County. What a fascinating product you have created here with such original content focusing on S. Jersey. Just wanted to say thanks and let you know I enjoyed reading your posts. This is a lot of work, keeping quality original content flowing.

    • Hi Mike. LOVE your blog. Quite frankly, I did have to google the Delmarva Peninsula. I really like the originality of your site. Your photos pull you in as if you are there in person. I like that. You now have a subscriber. Plus, I did live briefly in Anne Arundel County and worked in Delaware. It will be interesting to learn the history behind the area. Thank you for the lovely compliment.

      • Thanks. I’m impressed with the amount of work you’ve put into such a fine product. Thanks for making such fascinating material available. It does time take and effort and you have certainly invested that.

  7. Hey Yummygal,

    I grew up in Philly but my grandparents and cousins lived in Jersey, so I was there quite a bit, even staying overnight at my grandma’s a lot growning up. A lot of that time, I was at the Echelon Mall. I fondly and vividly remember its heyday and I was VERY sad to see what’s become of it. That mall was a very big part of my childhood and teenage years. I even brought my wife there in its last few years and we always had fun hitting up what few shops were left or eating at the food court. I recently came across your article on Tilt and I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers this once great mall. Maybe one day someone will put something together to truly recognize what it was… pictures, stories, a complete timeline, etc. Anyway, sorry this was long-winded, but your article brought back a lot of happy memories for me. Just wanted to let you know! 🙂

  8. i didn’t see a very interesting place on your list. You should check out the Jessy Chew cemetery in Sewell (mantua) nj there is a Facebook page if you have an interest

  9. Hi Yummygal,

    I’m a Commissioning Editor for The History Press, and am looking for some fresh titles on South Jersey History. I came across your blog while researching potential authors and am quite impressed. If you’d be interested in discussing ideas for a book project, please don’t hesitate to send me an email. I don’t usually comment on blog feeds to find authors, but I also am having trouble locating an email address for you.

    I invite you to browse our website at http://www.historypress.net and look through our online catalog and author proposal form to get a stronger sense for our range and process. I’d love to speak with you further about this possibility.

  10. WOW! V town is certainly humbled ,,you ARE yummy! Yep, shes got lots o` romance and mysterious”wildlife”! formerly known as Brimstone Neck, Just off Hilliards bridge rd. there`s a groove cut in the earth,,,t`was a “marl mine complete with a narrow guage rail system..marl ( a type of clay material) was used as fertilizer in the day….I come from a old farm family, settled in old Medford.. I am a Pyrotechnician/Blaster. And our team produces Vtowns FIREWORKS DISPLAY for the last 3 years since its been back after 10 yrs. come on out ,we`ll give you the best seat in the house. and your hubby (and yourself) can crew! or you can shoot pics. Every one of our crew is from Southampton…that’s bringin hometown spirit back home! we donate our time so a true American tradition can perhaps live and shine on! You are truly an inspiration, Thanks,,,,, Scott

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