Turtle Beach~ the Delaware Water Gap. However, I didn’t see any turtles.


Turtle Beach

Old Mine Road
Delaware Water Gap
(Near the southern end of the National Park)

Part 4 of 4 of the Delaware Water Gap Series.

Here it is…..The infamous, Turtle Beach! I heard about Turtle Beach prior to our trip as something to definitely check out. However, I was not able to find much information about the beach prior to traveling. This was at the top of my list to see in The Delaware Water Gap.


Turtle Beach, Delaware Water Gap

If you have been hiking, biking, or enjoying the lush greenery offerings….
This is a great place to cool off and go for a swim.

There are bathroom/changing room facilities on the premises. As well as, lifeguards on the summer weekends for your safety.


Picture of the lifeguard area and beach from the water

You may also fish here. Just go towards the end of the beach.

You don’t want to be snagging the folks here, do ya?
Well, unless you are into catching some humans.

The only thing about Turtle Beach is that you have to pay for admission. It is $7 for an entire carload.

However, the Yummygal and Beautyspots found a way around this. Of course, we don’t mind paying the entrance fee. However, I am always trying to help folks in these tough economic times to save some dough.

Here’s a little trick. Come during the week. No crowd. Probably one or two groups will be around.

Instead of parking in the reserved lot.
Park before the bridge leading to the Turtle Beach entrance of the parking lot. (southbound side of Old Mine Rd.)


Park before this guy. There is an asphalt parking spot near the road. It’s a short walk to the entrance.

There is still a fee, but if you “walk or bike in” instead of parking on the premises…

It’s just 1 buckaroo!
See……I saved you some cash my friends.


Near entrance

Pay at the pay station/entrance and you are well on your way.

Take a short little hike on this path.


The path to Turtle Beach

Around that bend you see there. Is this big boy.


Turtle Beach, Delaware Water Gap

The beach only spans about 100ft. There are buoys for your protection. The tide can be fairly strong at times. Don’t swim too far out! People die on a yearly basis because they don’t realize how strong the current is.


Out swimming, baby!

The clean and refreshing Delaware river (The cleanest river on the east coast, FYI). It’s a great spot to check out the local wildlife.


Yup, a beauty!

It’s fantastic that there are facilities here. Charcoal grills are scattered throughout for your fun and blissful day.

Perhaps, cook up some fish that you caught at Turtle Beach?

Ahhhh. The good life. The bass are known to be huge here.


Sandcastle at Turtle Beach.


The Yummygal cooling off at the end of the eventful journey in the Delaware Gap

I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Also, there was a lack of bugs. Most of my adventures as of late have had lots of bugs around and bug spray has been quite necessary.

This was quite lovely and refreshing.


A family making memories 🙂

I sure hope you’ve enjoyed my series on the Delaware Water Gap. There will be plenty more in the foreseeable future!


The Beautyspots and the Yummygal enjoyed their day at Turtle Beach

If you want more privacy, but still want to swim and cool off….Check out my Coppermine Trail secret beach post. (Plus, doesn’t cost a thing.)

Enjoy the serenity my friends!


Turtle Beach, she’s a keeper