From St Thomas airport to barge for car in Red Hook to St. John

Our Trip from St. Thomas to St. John

We rented our jeep through Discount Car Rentals in St. Thomas. Their prices are great, service excellent, and about 60% of their rental business is for St. John tourists. The Trifecta.

As soon as we arrived and picked up our luggage, we gave them a ring and they were quick to pick us up and drive us to their rental location (which is right down the road).


Painting of St. John from the beautiful villa


The driver was nice, courteous and helpful with our luggage. (Remember, good morning, good afternoon, and good evening go a loooooong way, see my etiquette blog post.) They will be a bit surprised you say this since they are use to rude tourists so is very welcoming to them.

We got to the rental location (with a few chickens running around the lot).Paperwork is a piece of cake. They transferred our luggage to our rental. Checked out the rental for any damage. There were some dents in the car and rear light was cracked.


“Jane” just chilling on the car barge. Of course protecting her whitey little scalp from the hot sun!


It fits right in to the cars in St. John and you would prefer it this way, trust me. The cars on St. John are the most beat up vehicles I have ever seen. It also seems the most beat up (almost dead) car you have on the island the richer you are. I LOVE that! No materialistic rich folks. Awesome. My kind of people.

We hopped in the car. REMEMBER TO DRIVE ON THE LEFT. Glad I know my way around also! Been here a gazillion times. Went straight to the market for food for the house. Then hopped right on the ferry. I love the hills and driving in St. Thomas/ St. John is like the Tour-de-France. It Feels like a constant roller coaster. It is very fun, but VERY DANGEROUS.

Got off the barge. Was amazing to see my best friend’s face her first time seeing St. John and it’s beauty. She was smiling ear to ear. Took route 10 into Coral Bay. Met with the Villa owner. Drove to the house and voila. Our vacation has begun. Time for a drink! Picture of my buddy “Jane”, on the barge to St. John. Notice how relaxed she is. St. John does that to you.


Munds Park, Arizona


Munds Park, AZ

Munds Park is very special to me I spent my late teens and 20s here.

I visited here recently. It had changed a bit, but still beautiful as ever.

You are about 25-30min. outside of Flagstaff. The homes are mostly log cabins with big pine trees grown around them. There are tons of wildflowers and butterflies. Most people flock here in the summer because of the much cooler weather than the desert.

Temperatures in the summer average around 78-80 degrees. It’s near a lot of lakes in Northern AZ, so a lot of people bring their boats. Lots of hiking, nature, and forests at their best. The elevation is about 4,000-5,000 feet so for me I am a jersey girl that is use to sea level. I had trouble when walking or running at first (and in shape), but scared I would pass out.

Things to visit while you are here:

Mormon lake, take the “dirt road” from Munds park to Mormon lake, unfortunately, it has been dried up the last couple of years. There are some cool looking saloons and lodgings, kind of like the old west, but in a prairie.

I am happy I got to see it with water in my lifetime. I have never seen anything so beautiful, when I saw it dried up my last visit was truly heart-wrenching. The San Francisco Peaks in the background, wildflowers, and the water looked like a painting!! Hopefully, the water comes back. It has been really dry in recent years.

Hints why you are here:

Visit flagstaff and the San Francisco peaks (elevation even crazier here 7,000 feet above sea level).

Lake Mary is gorgeous. Grab a picnic lunch or if fortunate enough a small boat and just enjoy the day.

I enjoyed most seeing the horses and the wildlife like a moose. I thank my grandparents for having a place there. They are some of my most fondest summer memories here, and happy to see it in my late 20s, again!

St. John Virgin Islands Girls Trip~ A Trip Of A Lifetime

St. John Virgin Islands Girls Trip


First things first…

St. John is a gorgeous island. It’s breathtaking, Almost EVERY beach is as good as the next and different in it’s own right. However, I am just getting back from what they consider “low season” and was very busy.

I find it a bit scary how busy it is. I see people touching wildlife and destroying their ecosystem or killing them just by touching them (such as taking starfish out of water) On some beaches, I actually saw trash and wasn’t the St. John that I remember. During the day in Cruz Bay, it is super busy and can hardly share the sidewalk with the pedestrians.


Ahhhh. The serene beauty of Waterlemon Cay


That being said, St. John is pretty much entirely a national park. I think they need to put more strict regulations out there. It is slowly getting destroyed and the tourists are not educated on the fragile ecosystem and it’s quite horrifying.

Snorkelers flippers are touching and destroying coral which takes hundreds of years to return. They are touching sea turtles and mantas. It is quite sad.

St. John is a beauty. A precious gem. It should be treated as such. People visiting need to be educated.


My donkey friend in Coral Bay.


Now, that I have returned I have been more aware of my carbon footprint and am going to try and reduce it more than I already do.

Should be a saying….”Enjoy St. John. You can look, but cannot touch.”



IndeBlue Collingswood NJ

Yoo Hoo…. IndeBlue, I am in love with you

IndeBlue, Collingswood, NJ

Indian Cuisine

There comes a time in your life in all your worldly travels that finally a restaurant has done it right. Has hit “the trifecta”.

Trifecta: food, service, and consistency.

They have this place run like a tight ship. They listen to their customers. They read their reviews. They actually care.

It is run by a husband and wife team. Their start was actually across the street in the tiniest location. It was a hit, immediately.

Chef Rakesh,the owner, is a third generation chef grew up and trained in India. Legend has it he joined a local competition won first place and from there his fame was history. He’s cooked all over the Middle East, Europe, and exotic locations, ending up here in the States.

Food is authentic, yet with a modern twist. Big portions, great prices, bold flavors and if you ask for extra extra spicy, well they aren’t scared to do it.

Here is what I enjoyed my last visit….

Vegetable samosa-can you say melt in your mouth and crispy?

Drums of heaven- just that heaven, made extra spicy for us and like a big Indian buffalo wing, only better

Chicken tikka salad- big enough to split amongst 2 people and for a salad at this price, tons of meat and flavor, served with a sweet and tangy dressing

Chicken madras-coconut, chilli, and mustard seed. Can you say flavor?

Hubby had Lamb Vindaloo-can I just say “baaah baaah ” meat right of the bone, juicy, flavorful yum yum yum

Homemade yes homemade ice cream with fig
Hubs had the sweet potato cheesecake

This is a last meal sort of place, without breaking the bank.

Tips: Bring a nice wine, byob. Ask for Jeremy best server there and knows the menu very well. Parking is tight so park across the street behind the Italian restaurant.

It gets 4 stars, since a bit cramped, packed in like a sardine.

Hubby gives IndeBlue a thumbs up!


Pleasant Lake, Arizona~ Yummygal Was Pleasantly Surprised


Pleasant Lake, Arizona

Pleasant Lake is odd. Just outright odd. However, Very beautiful. This huge lake is slapped down in the middle of the desert.

I guess people that live in the desert need their fun and sun too.



Pleasant Lake, Arizona. The color is gorgeous. It is an oasis in the desert.

There is a nice restaurant, a marina, a few islands in the middle to explore. Tons of wildlife, picnic areas, camping, and hiking. It’s this whole oasis of paradise in the desert.

It’s something you just have to see because you just can’t believe how huge this is and the massive amounts of water that had to be pumped in must have been insane in the membrane.

Something to check out however, if you are in the Peoria, Surprise, Glendale, or Phoenix area.


Enjoying the many Cacti and Pleasant Lake


That’s me, yes, I know I am nuts. I am “cactus humping” on a trail at the lake.  If you are a nature nut or just want to take a nice swim in the heat of the desert summer. This place truly rocks!!!


Surprise, Arizona



Surprise, Arizona

This is a great little town if looking to relocate for the military, to retire, or are paying too much in your area for cost of living.

There are tons of amenities and shopping. You are close to Phoenix, tons of golf courses, amusement parks, zoos, restaurants, and activities.

Surprise has a community center with two pools, great for families. Tennis courts and indoor pool.



Picturesque Surprise, Arizona

There is an American Indian Museum located here and really is gorgeous.

Tons of hiking, the streets are clean, cost of living is cheap, easily accessible to all major highways.


Sunset in Surprise


Truly an ideal spot to just get away and enjoy the local area and to explore the state of Arizona.


My mom and I outside the upscale Surprise Apartments


You can “cactus hump” till your hearts content.

My relative was paying about $800 a month for a 2 bedroom luxury 1200 square foot apartment. Onsite gym, and 2 pools. You can’t even find a place to rent in Camden for a 1 bedroom at this amount in my area.

Truly a place for snowbirds or others who just want to pack up and move to sunny weather.


Grand Canyon, Arizona If You’re Scared Of Heights, Boy This is a Fright!


Grand Canyon, Arizona

There’s one of those moments in life that you have to catch your breath because of what you see in front of you. The Grand Canyon will be one of those moments. Pictures do not do it justice.

As you overlook the canyon, you realize how very tiny you are and how big this world actually is. You feel like a peon.



Grand Canyon, Arizona

There are many gift shops along the canyon as well as a train that allows you to see the sights.

A great place to catch a great lunch is El Tovar on the south rim of the canyon. The hotel has deep rooted history. Beautiful wood encompasses the dining area. It’s like a step back in time.


Indoors at El Tovar


The food isn’t bad either.

The Grand Canyon for me, brings back great memories with my grandparents.

Whatever you do, you will fall in love with Arizona and it’s great beauty.

I feel as if it is almost a second home.


Howdy, Folks! Update on trip

Update: first 24 hours in Coral Bay, St. John.


I can’t even begin to tell you how relaxed I am. I am literally stress free. My back is no longer tense (and massage therapists couldn’t even get out the kinks on the mainland). It is the most beautiful island in the world. With over 2/3rd of St. John as a national park. It offers pristine sandy, white, turquoise beaches that you could never fathom.


The pic is of me at trunk bay today 🙂


I am looking forward to the rest of the week and never felt more relaxed. The most beautiful beaches in the world, great food, and company it is awesome (I think the food is better than St. Thomas, which is a stickler for me, I am a huge St. Thomas lover.)

Come on out and share the liquid bliss right here in our backyard.

A beloved US Territory.

(liquid bliss adopted by my great friend Dana, who couldn’t make this trip :(. You better next time, girlie!)

She also subscribes to my blog, so please feel free to tease her or get on her case. Hahaha

Next visit will be with my husband. However, every 2 years doing a girls trip, here. I found my paradise. So what is yours? I’d love to hear! Mwah!!!

Montezuma’s Castle, Arizona is Worth All the Hassle

Montezuma’s Castle, Arizona

On your way to Sedona via I-17 a place to stop and be awe inspired by a magnificent creation is Montezuma’s castle.



Montezuma’s Castle, Arizona


Legend has it that they used ladders or some kind of pulley system to get up here. Couldn’t imagine the years of chiseling this thing out of a mountain and how they actually lived up there or if it was a semi-permanent protection from invaders. We will never know.  It’s a definite stop along your way to Sedona, baby!

Still pretty freaking cool to visit. Another, thing to see before you die type of thing.


Mom and I at Montezuma’s castle. Yes, I’m always this prissy, even going to the park!




Lindquist Beach St. Thomas USVI

Lindquist Beach St. Thomas USVI


Lindquist is located on the east end of St. Thomas between the Wyndham and the Saphire Beach Resorts. Hidden in between is this beauty, Lindquist Beach aka. Smith Bay.

This is my favorite beach in St. Thomas. If you come here you’d probably agree. Many resorts have been trying to purchase this land for years. However, Recently, it is now in the property of the National Park Service and will remain undeveloped for years to come.


Lindquist beach. I think she’s a keeper, eh?


Its offerings are pristine white sands, calm waters on most days, and many varieties of turquoise colors you could ever imagine.

Snorkeling is excellent here.

Feel your feet touch the soft sand, the coconut palms swaying in the wind, and the crashing of the calm waves. Oh and don’t forget, the tradewinds blowing in your hair.

Ever wonder where a lot of the Corona commercials are filmed?

This would be happen to be one of the beaches.

Lindquist is off the beaten path and becoming more and more of a popular spot amongst travelers.

However, it has been a true popular beach where the locals have been coming to for decades.

Many say this is the most beautiful unspoiled beach of St. Thomas. I would have to agree.

There are no facilities here so pack accordingly.

Grab those Coronas and cut up some lime slices, throw them in a cooler, and travel to this beach for a reenactment of their commercial. It will be better than you could ever imagine.