Beach Hill, National Park, New Jersey

Beach Hill

Beach Hill Road, National Park

My most ever so fabulous… South Jerseyans….. are aware of the history behind National Park, New Jersey… you know… the incredible stories of Jonas Cattell and Fort Mercer.  I have written about all these stories and the history up here on this blog, but a lot of folks aren’t aware of this really unique and beautiful spot along the Delaware River and no, not the National Historic site where the Whithall House is located….  This place is called, Beach Hill.

I’ll give you a bit of background of the area… Formally called, Red Bank… In 1895, the area was commercially developed as National Park on the Delaware, a religious retreat/ camp meeting for members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  In this timeframe, the toponym “National Park” was first used. According, to my buddy, Jerseyman. 

unnamed (1)-2

National Park ferry/ steamboat service.


Reverend James Lake was responsible creating this organization as a summer Christian resort. The area had a large auditorium and cottages for the summer attendees.  Reverend Lake formed the National Park Navigation Company in 1896 for transporting folks to these retreats.


I like how relaxed this place is.. Folks just enjoying the day!

Beech Hill blog

View of the shipyard.

more view



Planes and more planes you will see here.

Most of the people attending these meetings came by the famous steamboats that once graced the Delaware River, by trolley, or even by wagon.  The area near the playground is where the cottages once stood.

In 1898, the National Park Amusement Company provided entertainment for attendees of the camp.  Most of the time, it was not all fun and games as these meetings were met with prayer, bible study, and worship.

Beech Hill 051

The view at Beach Hill.

Beech Hill 143

You’ll find the beach area quite large to explore… even around that bend there!

Beech Hill 196

“The Walt.”

Beech Hill 337

Hey, Bambi… How are you today?

Beech Hill 347

Sorry to have startled you.. continue on eating, my friend!

Beech Hill blog 2

Another view…

My favorite local South Jersey Irish guy, Billy “the Duke” Thompson, extended his Camden, Gloucester, & Woodbury Railway trolley tracks to National Park in 1900.  In 1902, a group of investors formed the National Park Improvement Company… and it was in this time frame on April 15, 1902, National Park was formed as a borough by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature from portions of West Deptford.

Gah! Did I bore you to death yet? I hope not!

another view

Catching some fish on the Delaware!

Beech Hill 057

A kayaker enjoying the Delaware River.

Beech Hill 202

Picture pretty!

I love exploring the area and I love this little nook on the Delaware River!  Often times, you can come here to search for sea glass that has washed ashore!  You’ll spot friendly fisherman and enjoy strolling along the pebbled beach. It’s also a great location to watch the planes coming and going from the Philadelphia Airport and a nifty spot to watch the sunset.  I urge you to check it out.  It’s something you most-often don’t see on maps and that the locals know of… After a day at Soupy Island, if you decide to check that rocking place out this summer, check this place out! It’s right down the road.. You may see Bambi as I did!

Beech Hill 326

Planes along the river… Always a neat site to watch!

Thanks Jerseyman for your help with this!

As summer is here… I will be posting more and more often on some really neat spots you have to check out in our South Jersey backyard!

Until our next adventure, my friends!



Please don’t knock me for my writing… as this is a blog… I stopped enjoying what I love to do and took time off here because of it… I’m only here to show you great sites!!!   I’m getting back here on this blog and going to do what I love to do.. and that is showcasing my beautiful South Jersey through my own eyes! I am a little rusty at writing.. so please bear with me… Until then… stay tuned!   You’re going to love what I will be posting!!! Hope it gives you something to do this summer!

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29 thoughts on “Beach Hill, National Park, New Jersey

  1. Interesting post! I’m a Gloucester County resident and have been to Red Bank a few times. It is a really cool place to visit. I never knew the history before! The old photos are great. Coincidently, I live in a town that started out as a Methodist Meeting Camp and developed into a lake front get away for city folk.

    • There are many of these in the area and how they got their name or start. Malaga is of them that is pretty well- known. There was another at Wilson Lake which I should get up her shortly. I also like to back peddle with a little history so people can see where the place came from or originated from. Thanks for the comment!

      • I.grew up in that square mile as many many of us reading this great blog did. Thiers alot of history down along the river. Espically beach hill. The best stories can be told by the fishermen who fish down thier . Rain or shine you can usually find the ol gents. Keep up your work Yummy Gal.

  2. Any new info on the boat ramp at Crowley”s Point ? From: South Jersey History & Adventures To: Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2015 5:04 PM Subject: [New post] Beach Hill, National Park, New Jersey #yiv4649138790 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv4649138790 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv4649138790 a.yiv4649138790primaryactionlink:link, #yiv4649138790 a.yiv4649138790primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv4649138790 a.yiv4649138790primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv4649138790 a.yiv4649138790primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv4649138790 | Yummygal posted: “Beach HillBeach Hill Road, National Park Most ever so fabulous… South Jerseyans are aware of the history behind National Park and I have written about it here, but a lot of folks aren’t aware of this really unique spot on the Delaware R” | |

  3. dont let the trolls get you down it is easy to sit on the side and put people down,,,, keep writing love your posts

  4. The only part that wasn’t great within your blog is the negativity at the end…You’re a great writing, don’t be so hard on your self…That’s what blogs are….YOU…. Besides that. I’m a West Deptford native…this is an untapped South Jersey landmark…By untapped I mean mainstream just seems to pass it by. Which is perfectly fine for us yocals….You wouldn’t know you’re just a few miles from one of the worst cities in America. But you will feel a million miles from it standing at the bottom of the “hill”… Parkers unite. Lol

  5. This is great! I was born and raised in national park and I frequently visit beach hill. You wrote things in this post that i didn’t know. Things about the history of the town I grew up in. Thank you!

  6. My Dad lived in a house on Beach Hill for awhile in the 40’s /50’s. We use to slead down beach hill when I was young. I don’t go there anymore since they built Riverwinds. I forgot how nice it was there until your post

  7. Hi Yummy Gal, Just read your note referencing Beach Hill on Beach Hill Road, National Park. I went to map quest to find it and it to me 47 miles north which is definitely not National Park,NJ. I would love to see this place. Can you give me a little more detail on how to find Beach Hill? I’m familiar with Soupy Island and Redbank park and I figure it is somewhere in between but I still need some hel0p finding it. DR

    • Dolores, it is located pretty much near Soupy Island. Meat intersection to put into GPS would be Bluff Rd and Beach Hill Rd, National Park. There’s a parking area right there on Beach Hill Rd. It’s just a cute little spot to explore.

  8. Thanks for posting. I spent many a day and evening growing up, walking around the battlefield and riverfront, and you brought back a lot of good memories!

  9. May I just say…I love the area, grew up on the river. I often go to a spot a little ways down from Beach Hill. Don’t live in Thorofare anymore, but close enough to still go. I still love it, but must say the trash is abundant. I spend my time picking it up. I bring one or two bags and fill em and carry em up the hill to the trash.Most of it is stuff that washes up…A darn TV just the other week. However…some of it is the kids that go there at night and leave their trash. They also wrote on the old abandon dock some stupid crap. That just makes me angry. As I know most people don’t really care that I pick up trash. I figured instead of bitchin about it I’ll do it myself. So I listen to my music and sing and dance all by myself while cleaning up. Don’t mean to be a bummer, just thought…ok heres my chance to tell somebody that may care…TY

    • Hi Cheryl, at least you make it fun by singing and dancing! We need more folks like you! I didn’t see any trash on my last visit… Maybe you were there before me! Ha!

      I try doing the same thing as you do!

  10. GREAT stuff YG!!! Thank you! And ‘SJ Football Coach’ is right, you are a very good writer (and also that there are far too many negative trolls out there)! Don’t change your style or format and get more formal. The way you write is who you are and why so many of us like/love you. The ‘informal’ style of your writing is perfectly matched with the relaxing content. It attracts us! Many of us have to be formal on our jobs, we welcome the informal respite of your adventures – thank you and keep em comin!!! (Note my informal slang!) I also think it’s GREAT that your family and little ones will appreciate the outdoors and reading/writing b/c (there’s that ‘slang’ again) of all the cool work you did! God bless you and your family!!! And thank God for all the cool places in SJ!

  11. Love reading your blog and all the info. I’m a transplant from PA and enjoy the history of south Jersey. One request, any way you can link a map to your site? Would love to visit these places and take my kids and that would make it easier. Thanks if you can!!

    • If you look up National Park, NJ it’s easy to find. Just put Columbia Blvd in your gps and follow it down to the end, once you get there you just have to make a right down the steep street right to the beach. 🙂

  12. I enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to seeing them in my email. Some of the places I’ve discovered on my own and the others I found because of your tips! Thanks for all the adventures!

  13. I enjoyed reading your blog. We were at monument today walking. I was National park born and raised.We spent just about everyday at Soupy Island and diving of the pier where the ferry docked( we were a loud to be there), but wonderful memories.Thank you for writing about this very special place!!

  14. i grew up in National Park at 3rd n simpson my grand dad worked at the redbank battleffield i climbed up on the cannons used to visit soupy island as kid remember the soldiers marching during WW 2

  15. This is a great blog! I grew up in the house at the top of the hill. As a child I explored all over this beach,back then there were still some cottages standing at the far end of the monument park. You had to really trudge thru a lot to get to them. They were all abandoned from way back in the day. I remember being told some of the story behind the hill and the homes, was unaware of some of your version and I never knew the time period. If I did I don’t remember Thank you. I have long since moved away and live in NC but have taken my family back to that beach I have awesome pictures if interested again thank you

  16. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of national park. I lived on the beach in 1945 or so. With my family, In the picture of the boatsWhen the ship bottom bar was there, and the memories are still vivid in my mind.florence pye norwood.

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