Money Island, It’s Money, Honey.

Everyone could use a little extra money in their lives, right? How about an island full of cash? I’m just kidding! However, welcome my friends, to Money Island!

Money Island resides in Downe Township, Cumberland County, a gorgeous and closely-knit community. It’s a village of approximately 40 homes and one of the two better known marinas on the Delaware Bay. These tiny bay communities, like Money Island, are quite magical places. Nature flourishes all around. You can spot eagles, hawks, muskrats, turtles and of course, the noted horseshoe crabs.


Taken at the Money Island Marina.


The Delaware Bay.

An early act in the 1700s, divided the new county of Cumberland, formed from Salem County, into six townships. Fairfield township, in Cumberland County, first included all of present-day Downe Township and created by Governor Franklin. In 1772, the act was recorded in Trenton by the Secretary of State. Part of the Secretary’s royal appanage was being able to name townships. He recorded Downe Township, from his wife’s maiden name of Elizabeth Downes, and the township named in honor of her. In 1798, Downe Township was officially incorporated.

In the 1800s through the 1900s, Downe Township, was a flourishing fishing community. As we go ahead to current times, we’re lucky if these bay shore communities will even be intact through the next decade. Rising seawaters continue and the state of New Jersey is actually sinking. These factors are making it more difficult for Money Island’s survival.


Marina 🙂


The beach.

If you ever get a chance to visit these bay communities, you will most-likely be greeted with a warm, welcoming smile. I arrived at Money Island with my son on a hot, yes, HOT Winter day ( 78 degrees.) I was greeted by a fellow at the marina. He gave me some info about the quaint little town. What I never knew or expected was that Money Island had a beach! Ka-Ching (get it, money?) My son was in heaven. In fact, when we left, he was screaming. I had difficulty getting him into the car.

I worry for these bay towns as they get swept under (no pun intended) by the state, as the ocean communities get most of the relief money to rebuild. These guys are almost forgotten and will possibly be an island like Atlantis one day, if something isn’t done…. AND SOON.


The beach is a knock-out!


The homes of Money Island.


Our delightful Delaware Bay.

Support the marina and enjoy the excellent fishing off the Delaware Bay. Visit the beach, take a walk around. Enjoy this non-Walmart, developed and robust island. As it is true to its name… Money Island is an island rich of its inhabitants and its abundant wealth of its “treasured” landscape.

15 thoughts on “Money Island, It’s Money, Honey.

  1. when we were at Cape May, they were already pumping sand out to make a new break-water. Apparently everywhere they did it, the hurricane damage was much diminished.

    • That said part is… Cape May has the money to do it. Whether by taxes and state funding. These Bay towns were devastated and don’t get the press or funding they deserve. They’re all going to be gone and very shortly, if something isn’t done soon. They play a vital role in the ecosystem of the bay. If these beaches keep getting destroyed and washed away… The migratory birds will be affected because they won’t be able to feast on the horseshoe crab’s eggs, the horseshoe crabs won’t have anywhere to lay their eggs. It’s a cause and effect. These bay towns are forgotten as the Atlantic Ocean
      coastline gets most of the funding and limelight.

  2. Glad to finally put a face to the name 🙂 Your posts our one of my favorite things to view and I enjoy them immensely! I was born and raised in Berlin, NJ, which enjoys a lot of interesting history as well. During the stagecoach era, our little Town was known as Long-A-Coming. There was a Hotel, which became a historic sight; where people would stay on their way to Atlantic City, from Phila. and NY. Thanks for the posts! From one South Jersey Girl ~ to another ❤ Mary Raschilla, Berlin NJ

    • Mary and that hotel was moved lol. However, still being preserved! I will be featuring Berlin, just you wait! As I’m in the area A LOT. I was there the last few weeks taking photos. The history about the White Horse Pike and Berlin is enough to spark anyone’s intrigue. I am waaaay behind so be a bit patient, but I’m trying to cover every little town and city of SJ. It’s my goal!

      Thank you for the lovely compliment

  3. Maybe one beautiful day in your adventure’s you’ll slip thru the pine’s to the town of Tuckerton ( Clam Towne) where in the early years Tuckerton was the 3rd port of entry into the new world. We have an annual decoy show here were at a time duck hunters & carvers from around the country Visit our town. Or maybe you’ll want to venture out the ol’ seven bridges road 7 mile’s out across the great egg harbor bay. some come visit.

    • Tim already adventured the Seven Bridges! Will air in a bit. I was in Tuckerton last month 🙂 However, I did not know it was the 3rd Port of Entry. Thank you for that fun fact. Btw, the Seven Bridges area is stunning… From the one lane bridges to the views of Atlantic City and others, I don’t want to give away. Tuckerton WILL be featured.

  4. Love seeing your posts! I currently live in WV, but was born and raised in Pennsauken and stayed until 1994 when we moved to WV. I love NJ, but hate the traffic, which only seems to get worse every year. Thanks for posting such great pics and info. Please keep it coming! Former Jersey Girl Sandy

    • Sandy, thank you from one Jersey Girl to another! Yes, you’d be accurate on your assessment of the traffic. I did feature Pennsauken a few weeks back and will continue to do so! Thank you for your compliment and I hope you are enjoying a “quieter” less congested lifestyle now!

      • One more thing about the bayshore beaches…..last night as the sun was setting my boyfriend and I watched turtles lined up all along the shore past Fortescue beach. Now is the time they come to lay their eggs. Well sad news is they can’t get up to do it. The beach has washed out so low and the tide comes up so high that the eggs will be under water….or it will be a miracle if they can climb over the debris without getting stuck in the rocks to get to land. It was great to see that there are plenty of turtles out there but don’t know about the population next year. Fortescue still looks like the hurricane hit last week and the boats are getting stuck in the creek at low tide and I am afraid there is no help coming anytime soon.

  5. Hi, so glad to have found your blog – somehow – not sure how – when I was trying to find out some info about a one-time horse-racing or horse-training track near the town of Salem. My maternal great-grandfather was a ‘horse-breaker’ of note in Salem in his time (LORENZO DOW PATTEN who lived on Grant Street in Salem), and my mom saved for me a letter that SHE had saved, that he wrote in 1910 that mentions taking a horse to ‘Acton’ or ‘Acteon’, I can’t quite read the old-fashioned hand-writing. The letter-head on which Mr. Patten wrote this letter says “L. D. Patten – Horseman”. I can find no info about this track on-line, there are probably no remains of it, it’s probably now a housing development !!! I’m sure one of those GoogleEarth maps, if I knew where to look, might show the skeleton/outline of it, if it hasn’t been farmed over or developed over. I’m sure it was nothing but a simple dirt track to begin with. I would love to know if you ever heard of this track. I know there is an “Acton Station Road” and I’m wondering if I just imagined over the years that there was even a track. Maybe all he was doing was transporting a horse on whatever railroad “stopped at” Action Station, and once he got it off the train at Acton maybe he was going to simply ride it into Salem proper? Thanks so much ! Additionally, if you could take and post some photos of Fortescue showing the Sandy damage, that would be helpful. For personal reasons I can’t go into here, I cannot venture to Fortescue myself to observe the damage, but wonder how (if?) it is recovering. I spent a lot of time there – every weekend in fact – for a couple of years – it was an important part of my life.

    D a n a

    • Dana, to answer your question there were a few horse tracks in the area. One at a Salem City Tavern and one near Acton Station Rd.. where they would bring in horses from Ohio and train. Acton did have a small stop on the railroad from what I have read. I’ve been back to Fortescue, once over the summer and will post when I get around to it. So stay tuned. When nice weather permits, I am usually out exploring in SJ and haven’t got the time to write as much. Over the late fall and winter is when you will see a lot posted here! If you look at a recent post of Mannington Township.. the house that I have shown as a feature is actually off of Acton Station Rd in Salem County. It is white with red shutters.

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