A Visit To The Blue Anchor Fire Tower

Blue Anchor Fire Tower

Rt. 561 (near Rt. 73)

Blue Anchor, New Jersey 

 This site is about my adventures and a little history on some sites I get to see. If you have followed me on this journey, you may have read how I got stuck in the Piney Hollow area ages ago.  We were on the search for the true blue hole near the old Inskeep/Inskip grounds in Winslow. It was in the middle of the summer and it had not rained for some time. It made the sand extra, extra soft, and well, Yummy got stuck in the sand.  We had to call the police since our wheel was almost covered in sand and was just making our situation worse, the more and more we tried to get ourselves out.  

An old dispatcher,  from the police department, heard our call on his radio and left a party to rescue us with his jeep from the sand. The police were unable to help us and they knew if anyone could help get us out, this guy could.  This is a man who puts others ahead of him and no longer worked for the department.  A good Samaritan that is hard to find these days. 

Needless to say, we never have gotten stuck in the sand again and learned our lesson.  However, in my travels, I have met such great people of South Jersey and he definitely deserves an honorable mention.  I feel truly blessed to be able to do this exploring and I have met some fantastic people along the way!

wilsonlake 082-Edit

Quincy greeting me at the fire tower!

wilsonlake 060-Edit

I’m terrified of heights. I was shaking the entire time!

wilsonlake 054-Edit-2wilsonlake 055-Edit

The man who rescued us was raised at Lemon Hill Mansion in Philadelphia. I received a tour of Lemon Hill Mansion a few years back from his beautiful mother (I wrote about it here on Yummygal).  It holds such great history from our area. 

I’ll cut to the chase!  This good Samaritan’s name is Quincy Jones.  Yep, just like the famous producer’s name. I have run into him a few times ever since our occurrence, just by chance. He also works for the NJ Forest Fire Service and is a huge asset to our state. 

He is truly a man of many talents. He was once the captain for, The Spirit of Philadelphia, the cruise ship that runs along the Delaware River.  He also puts his life on the line everyday to rescue stranded boats in the Atlantic Ocean and captains for a major whale-watching company out of  Cape May. I’ve also seen him traveling all over the country putting out deadly forest fires.   

Whew, she's tall!

Whew, she’s tall!


 Quincy invited me out to the fire tower in Blue Anchor on a day he was stationed there.  If someone is on duty, you can climb up to the top of the tower, only if you dare.  I am frightened of heights! 

It’s an interesting way to see how we watch for fires. Plus, get a nice description of what these guys do.


According to records, this fire tower was built in 1932 and is over 152′ tall.  This was not the original structure.  MORE info can be found on this site at http://www.state.nj.us/dep/parksandforests/fire/fire_towers-div-c.htm. 

 Go and check out the Blue Anchor Fire Tower for an incredible view. Maybe you’ll run into Quincy, like I always seem to do! The view is spectacular!


Please be aware that if it is locked, you are not permitted to climb up!


 Until our next adventure, my friends!


The Yummygal






5 thoughts on “A Visit To The Blue Anchor Fire Tower

  1. Hi. I grew up climbing every fire tower in NJ…thanks to my father. But in reading your story…you never said if you got to the Blue hole. We used to drive to Inskip and walk to the blue hole every week. We never knew we were poor as kids, and my dad would drive to the woods for great adventures to go bird watching, look for deer, indian arrowheads, may apples, and more. The Blue hole was crystal clear, fed by a spring, and the bottom was carpeted with oak leaves. The clear water and leafy bottom somehow created an aquamarine colored appearance. It was magical.
    Several years ago my sister and i went back to find it. We found inskips. It was during a drought and the woods were silent. Quite an eerie feeling. Loved that place….

    • Kathy, we didn’t get to the blue hole that day. We were stuck back there for a few hours, but have been to the true, one and only blue hole, a few times before. I haven’t posted it up here yet. I love that area because it was one of Jonas Cattell’s favorite stomping grounds in the Piney Hollow area. I had my one year old with me and called AAA, but they would not rescue us because we were off the pavement. Our last resort was to call the police, in which we did and they weren’t even sure how they would get us out!! It was one crazy day. Worse case scenario, we would’ve walked out to the main road and came back to it, to get it out with a tow.

      I’m glad you got to climb up each tower. They are always fun to catch a nice view!

  2. Quincy Jones is a great man of many talents. He is always there to help someone out and would give you the shirt off his back. I am proud to know him

    • Adrienne, a wonderful/beautiful person, inside & out! I agree. That’s so nice of you to say those wonderful words about him because it is true! We’ve keep in touch since the incident in the woods.

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