Do you need a passport for St. Thomas?


Do you need a passport when traveling to St. Thomas?

The answer is No, however, would recommend it and here’s why.


US Passport


I decided to travel in the fall of 2010 to the Virgin Islands without my passport (it expired).

What you need is your birth certificate and driver’s license. I had both, but I ran into issues.

I was not able to do the usual “check in”. I had to go to the counter at the airline in which she retarded airline attendant tried to say we were not permitted to travel to the Virgin Islands without a passport (which isn’t the case).

After going back and forth, with the attendant for about 25 min and wanting to ring someone’s neck .

Finally, after she did some research and investigated. (which all along I knew what I had was fine)

She said we could board.


She’s a stunner


Now, on your return flight, you still need to go through customs. With a passport it’s a breeze to go through. This is not the case without it. You have to spend a little more time with customs twiddling your fingers hoping all is okay…then you are able to go through.

Which is why I recommend a passport, less hassle while traveling, it does make it easier.

If you don’t have one, you will still be okay just may be a bit more stressful for you. In that case it’s never too early to start drinking. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, eh?