Shipwreck Tavern, St. Thomas

Shipwreck Tavern, St. Thomas

Across from Havensight Shopping Center is this restaurant/pub/saloon/casino.

Yes a mecca of all things.

If you want to stop and do a little gambling and have a drink, grab a quick bite, and stay in the air conditioner a good place to visit.

They have a few slot machines where you can play, chill out, win some money, have a beer, have 2 or 6, grab some lunch to soak up that alcohol.

Not a bad way to break up the day.


Outside of Shipwreck Tavern


Hey, plus shopping gets a little tiring, or may want to put back a few because of all the money that just drained from your wallet.

Either way, not a bad place to just hang out after a long exhausting hot day.

Just watch out for the pirates that like to scare you while you are going to the bathroom. You may wind up with an “eye patch” of some sort.