Yuengling Beer Tour Top Things to Do in the Philly Area Before You Die



Yuengling Factory Tour
Pottsville, PA

Top Things To Do in the Philly Area before you die.

Visit the oldest brewery in America since 1829.


Courtesy of Yuengling


Which is family owned and operated by the great-great-grandson, Dick Yuengling, Jr.

First things first, who the heck doesn’t like Yuengling beer?

It is my favorite go to beer. Above all other beers on the market.

The tour is really neat. They show you the hand dug fermentation caves that they used prior to refrigeration.

They will talk about their ingenious beer history. Show you how they make their beer, and best of all….

You will get to sample their decadent delicious cold beer at the end of the tour.


Courtesy of my fridge


Check with Yuengling’s website on exact times and tour dates.

Getting here: Take I-476N to Pottsville (a little outside Allentown)

Have fun on the tour.


Courtesy of Yuengling