Cinnamon Bay St. John

Just down the road is this other lovely beach, Cinnamon Bay.

This beach is free, however, a little hike to get to. Also, over the last few years I’ve noticed more and more beach erosion. It’s very sad.

This bay doesn’t have the calm waters as Trunk Bay but can be just as delightful. On a calm day this can be a great snorkeling spot!


Ahh. Cinnamon Bay, How I love thee?


Cinnamon Deliciousness

There are more water activities for rental. Even dinghies, if interested. (small little boats)

This facility also has places to camp and little camp “bungalows” that are quite economical, an on-site restaurant, and a tiny convenient store.

There is also a trail that runs along some very well-preserved ruins for your hiking pleasure.


Look at that crystal clear turquoise water!

Remember to bring the bug spray. This is a bit more forested and have been bitten by the “no-see-ums” (Virgin Island slang for vampire mosquitoes) every time I have visited.

A nice long beach, so even if the beach is busy (gets very busy by afternoon) you can always find a place to pop a squat. Re: A saying in Pretty Woman.

The best time to come here is in the morning. Good luck finding a parking spot come afternoon. Hahahaha hahahahaha.

Nice beach.


Hello there, beautiful!