The Franklin Parker Preserve Part II~ Yummygal Lost In A 14 Square Mile Preserve

The Franklin Parker Preserve~ Part II

North Gate Entrance

The Pine Barrens

Chatsworth, NJ

Here’s Part I (in case you missed it)
Franklin Parker Preserve South Entrance

This is the second part to the adventure to the Franklin Parker Preserve. I wanted to explore the North entrance this time because I missed out on so much! However, I got lost. It was getting dark and I was getting a little scared. Oh and did I mention, my cell phone went dead? Haha. Yup, fun times my friends.

I have to put a little stereotypical “New Joisey” from time to time in my blog. That’s a given!
So here we go….

From a scene in the Pine Barrens Episode Of The Good Ol’ Sopranos:

Christopher and Paulie are out making collections, but things get out of hand. And they soon have a body to dispose of. They decide to dispose of the body in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey. They get to the woods only to find that their victim is still alive. He manages to run off on them and in the pursuit, Christopher and Paulie get themselves lost. As darkness falls, the cold takes over, and it’s particularly hard on Paulie who has lost one of his shoes. They take refuge in an abandoned truck but have no choice, but to call Tony and ask him to rescue them.

Storyline from IMDB. However, I did not dispose of any dead bodies, found refuge in an abandoned truck, nor lost a shoe.

I tried to keep it clean as possible. I’m sure you are smart enough to figure out the words and fill in the asteriks below from the script.

Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gualtieri: Ohhhh! Go do that by your own window! I don’t wanna have to smell your piss all night!

Christopher Moltisanti: F*** you, Paulie.

Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gualtieri: What’d you say?

Christopher Moltisanti: You heard me.

Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gualtieri: Don’t make me pull rank on you, kid!

Christopher Moltisanti: F*** you, Paulie! Captain or no captain, right now we’re just two ass***** lost in the woods.

Yup, that was me, but one ass**** lost in the woods.

Haha, I was lost in the Pine Barrens just like these Jersey guidos. I was the guidette.


I made it. The North Entrance.


And we’re off.


First bog with lilypads at the Franklin Parker Preserve

The Franklin Parker Preserve is nestled in between the famous Wharton and Brendan T. Byrne State Forests with Chatsworth Lake bordering to the north. The trail paths are anywhere from 3-7 miles with half-mile connectors between the trails.


The long trails.




Take a seat and enjoy the surroundings.


More cranberry bogs


Cedar water

The land is really gorgeous. There are lookout towers to watch the wildlife. Massive cranberry bogs filled with lily pads. Numerous tree frogs and the land is graced by an abundance of Atlantic White Cedars. Bald Eagles have set up residence on the Preserve.

It truly is a Piney Paradise. Not many people frequent it too much and you most likely won’t see anyone around. Heaven, or in my case a little bit of hell. Haha.


Fall colors


Didn’t see any frogs on the lilypads 😦


Golden Beauty


Awesome hiking decks that wander in the woods

The kid and I made a return visit to check out the rest of the property. We started at the North Entrance. It was a warm fall day. I started out a bit late. It was around 3PM when We got to the entrance. A few horses were on the trails heading back to their carriages to go home.(Of course the owners were riding them).


More awesome bogs


Your private oasis


Observation Tower for watching the birdies like the eagles.

From observing the map I have, it looks like I took the Red Footpath and then somehow got lost on the Green Trail and then possibly touched on the Yellow trail. All these trails combined are over 20 miles, haha. I tried to find my way back, but it was starting to get dark. I was getting scared. I had my son with me. I was alone and out in the middle of nowhere. Stupid move, yes I know.


Autumn in the Pines.


Preying Mantis


Getting scary dark.


The Parker Preserve at sunset.

I called one of my Piney friends to come to the rescue. My phone then died. The sun was setting. I ALMOST was going to break open a building to set up shop for the night. I had enough food and supplies to get my son and I through until morning. I AM ALWAYS prepared. However, eventually we made it out with my Piney friend practically in tow with a flashlight. Haha. We made it out alive. No worries.


Bye Bye!

I will never ever come here alone, ever again. I learned my lesson. This place is 9,600 acres and is easy to get lost in. However, it is gorgeous and will be back!

6 thoughts on “The Franklin Parker Preserve Part II~ Yummygal Lost In A 14 Square Mile Preserve

  1. Hey there… been a while since we last talked. I had the family out to FPP yesterday afternoon (southeast corner) to check out the two blue holes by the entrance and then to the other blue hole across the street from the north entrance. It was cold, but the trees blocked the wind pretty nicely. Have a happy new year!

    • Kudos to you! I can’t take the cold weather exploration. Of course, I won’t go back to the FPP, without someone else haha. I learned my lesson. Hehe. Happy New Year to you and your family as well!

  2. great post, fun read!
    like yourself, i try to frequently (never ’nuff) x-plore “new” (to me) places close to home.
    the worried-est i’ve been of recent was “indiana betunada” — in the sense of not making it to “safety”/”civilization’? before PITCH DARK

  3. Indiana Betunada, eh? Would be a good future post title for you. Looks like I just got another of your posts in my inbox about the snow. Time for me to read it, hehe.

  4. I have just recently discovered the chatsworth enterance to the preserve and my lab and I go back there to check out the bogs. It’s a really neat place that really gives you a feel for the true nature of the pine barrens. I too got lost last trip. I ended up wandering along the tracks, thank heavens I found the green trail. Those woods are pretty but I find them a lil eerie when you’re alone. Anyway, great site, keep up the fun reads!

    • Josh, I love the FPP. The first part of one story was the South Entrance of the preserve. The one I got lost at is the North Entrance.

      The problem is, I think it is just enormous. Easy to get lost. In fact, I’ve talked to others and they have been in a similar situation there.

      So I don’t feel too dumb, hehe.

      Glad you made it out with the pup okay and to the green trail! I hear ya. I will go back too. That’s the sick part about it! Thanks for stopping by.

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