The Air Victory Museum ~ Flying high in South Jersey

Air Victory Museum

68 Stacy Haines Road
Lumberton, NJ 08048
(Located at the South Jersey Regional Airport)
Hours of operation~ Wed-Sat 10am-4pm Sun. 11am-4pm

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RH-53 D Sea Stallion outside of the Air Victory Museum

I will say it only once. The Air Victory Museum in Lumberton, NJ. is a museum that could be compared to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

It is THAT good.

They have champagne tastes with a beer budget, but it doesn’t show.

To be honest with you, I went to high school a mile or two up the road. I never heard of this place. I found it while doing research online and I thought it would be a great place to check out. It’s not too well-known here, in South Jersey.

It definitely should be at the top of everyone’s list to see here in the Delaware Valley.


E-2B Hawkeye

This museum came to life in 1989. It quickly grew into a nice collection of military aircraft and aviation artifacts over the last few decades. Vacating an old hangar next to the airport.


View from the Street

The South Jersey Regional Airport was purchased in a bankruptcy sale in 1998 by a man named, Steven Snyder, of Moorestown, NJ. Mr. Snyder owned Steve Snyder Enterprises, Inc. based out of Pennsauken, NJ. He held a number of patents. His company created altimeters which are used for skydiving. The altimeters are used by skydivers to determine what altitude the parachute should open. He loved to work on vintage planes as a pastime, such as his F-86.


One of the first displays you will see upon entering

Steven Snyder’s ultimate dream was to convert his Air Victory Museum into a 440,000 square foot aviator’s paradise. Including, an IMAX theater to inspire the youth of South Jersey. However, his dream never came to fruition.

He perished in the same beloved F-86 during a private air show at his very own airport.

The South Jersey Regional Airport is now presently owned by the Department of Transportation.


First view of showroom

I had the distinct pleasure to meet a wonderful man at this unprecedented museum. His name is Mr. Fred Koch. He is a Korean War Veteran and has been a volunteer at Air Victory since 1997. Mr. Koch puts in a full week every single week and does not get paid one dime. He is the main man behind this wonderful menagerie. He has managed to keep it up to it’s pristine condition the last 15 years.


Charlie, former war veteran and volunteer, to the left and volunteer and main man in charge, Fred Koch, on the right. LOVE these guys

The museum boasts a F-4A Phantom II. It is one of only 45 aircraft of this measure ever built. A Tomcat that was one of the first ever in active service. It houses artifacts of The Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, the Hindenberg crash, the Tuskegee airmen, Charles Lindbergh, and many others.
As well as, modern state-of-the-art aviation technology and displays of unique aircraft engines.


US. macon made locally

My favorite is the memorial library and the unique display of military uniforms from all over the world.


Sign above the memorial library, dedicated to the founder, Steve Snyder and other past volunteers

Mr. Koch tells of a funny story behind the uniform display that I love. There use to be 3 metal footlockers full of these worldly regimentals in storage at the museum. They needed some funds. They were able to find someone to purchase the lockers at a reasonable price. However, he says that no one wanted to purchase these uniforms because they wouldn’t sell. The volunteers ended up creating a display out of them. They have now become a real hoot among visitors.


small portion of the military uniform display

Recently, an outside company was able to heist the organizational name. This company stole it in an effort to try and sell it back to the Air Victory Museum. It is entirely unethical. Which is why you will see two websites listed for this impressive wonder. The website is the correct address and NOT THE .ORG ADDRESS.


The Corsair II

These folks operate on a very minimal budget. Volunteers are needed and let’s give Mr. Fred Koch a break people. After all, he is a retired gentleman. If looking for a place to volunteer in our area, THIS IS THE PLACE.

The admission price is a steal at only $4 per person and my son got in for free. The best $4 bucks I ever spent.


Looking into the cockpit

From the moment I walked in the door, I was knocked to my knickers. The displays are out of this world. Literally… they have a weather satellite and astronaut gear from our American astronauts.

I could see the tears of joy in Fred Koch’s eyes. He is passionate about this place and I can see why. I can’t wait to take my son back when he is older to truly appreciate this precious gem in our very own backyard.

We should all be grateful to have this place right here in South Jersey.


The Yummygal being silly

I hope to see in my lifetime Steve Snyder’s dream come true and with supporting the Air and Victory Museum. Perhaps, one day it will.


Thank you Fred and Charlie at the Air Victory Museum for sharing your precious “second home” to my family and I.


Remember to thank this guy here, Fred Koch, when you are done with your tour!

This is an excellent place to educate the kids as they will be truly surprised at all of the varietal offerings. Plus, keeping their interest as well as the parents.

Active and former military personnel will truly be impressed with this South Jersey masterpiece.