Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto… in Buena

The Musical Robots
Rt. 54
Buena, New Jersey

I have been driving right by these guys for years and it was about time I featured them here on the blog.  I love oddities among our South Jersey landscape.  We are definitely a bit kooky and unique, but this is what I truly love about us!

These “musical” robots have graced the roadside in Buena… c’mon Jerseyites say it right… it is pronounced like Be-una and have been an attraction alongside the road for years now.  These gathering of statues are called, the musical robots, because each robot is “playing an instrument.”  The man behind these unusual statues is named, William Clark.



The trinkets, colors, and just how this was put together is definitely pretty neat!





The robots are playing music and are jamming out.



Lead singer? Or backup singer?


Definitely some air guitars.




I have no words.




Hey, don’t swing that thing at me!




The teeth get me on this one.


I think this one is my favorite. I like the color combination.




I’m dancing… leave me alone.



Um… It’s a stick up?



Clark is a mechanic turned sculptor and is referred to locally as the “Robot Man.” He gathers up junk and car parts around the junkyard and welds a masterpiece out of them. His art can be found in locations and in front of businesses all over New Jersey (and some of his pieces he created are over 20 feet tall), but these are something you can’t miss here in Buena. They are entertaining during the day and then they are even cooler to see when they light up at night.


Night Time



These guys lit up at night were something definitely different!



Keeping the music going and grooving after dark!


Definitely one of a kind and definitely South Jersey!


His creativity started, in the early 1980s, after Clark lost his drivers license due to receiving many traffic violations.  He got bored hanging around his pop’s auto shop and just started to make these pieces of art. He’s been featured all over the state in many art galleries. It is definitely an attraction to check out here in South Jersey and among many of our roadside idiosyncrasies that I adore!

Until our next adventure, my friends!

The Yummygal

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